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Returning Students

  1. If you were previously enrolled as a Non-Degree Studies student and have not been enrolled in the previous year, please review the instructions on this page and then complete the application found at the bottom of the page.
    • Once we have received your application and processed it, we will provide you with all the information you will need to register for classes online.
    • Applications are processed within five business days of receipt and you will receive your registration information via e-mail.
    • If you are an undergraduate level student, please read the guidelines to apply for the Shelton NDS Scholarship.
    • Review the criteria for residency requirements found at
    • International students should review the Instructions for International Students.
    • NDS students will begin registration during "Open Enrollment."
  2. Select the classes you desire to take:
    • The complete schedule of courses is available online
    • If you need assistance in selecting courses, Academic Advising Services is available to help you.
    • NDS students are limited to taking two academic classes and one physical education class per semester.
    • Students enrolling in Summer Sessions are limited to two academic courses per session.
  3. Register for classes via MyPack Portal
  4. Pay your required Tuition and Fees
    • NDS students pay the same tuition and fees as degree students.
    • Click on the tuition and fees link on the Cashier’s Office website for the current rates.
    • All Undergraduate Studies (UGS) students are charged at the undergraduate rate.
    • Post-Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) students who enroll in 100-400 level courses ONLY are charged at the undergraduate rate. PBS students who enroll in any 500-800 level on campus courses are charged at the graduate rate for ALL on-campus courses for which they are registered.
    • The tuition and fees charges for Distance Education courses are separate and distinct from the Tuition and Fees charged for on-campus courses. Distance Education courses are identified with a 600 or greater section number. On-campus tuition and fee charges are determined based solely on on-campus enrollment. Distance Education tuition and fee charges are determined based solely on Distance Education enrollment. See the distance Education website for information on DE Tuition and fee schedules.
  5. Review information on student resources.

Please review the following guidelines before proceeding to the application:

  • Students can not be currently classified as student in a degree-seeking program at NC State University.
  • Student currently suspended from NC State University are ineligible for readmission and enrollment in courses through non-degree studies.
  • Student currently suspended from any other college or university are ineligible for participation and enrollment in courses through non-degree studies.
  • Students in the Non-Degree Studies program are generally not eligible for financial aid.
  • Students must have a high school diploma or GED or be a current high school student applying to the Academic Enrichment (AEO) program.
  • Students must have graduated from high school at least one year prior to submitting an application to the Non-Degree Studies program.  This restriction does not apply to summer sessions or to students in the AEO program.
  • Students in the Non-Degree Studies program are required to adhere to the academic standards, policies, and procedures, add/drop/withdrawal deadlines, etc., which apply to all NC State students.

PROCEED TO APPLICATION - The Summer/Fall 2015 Application is now OPEN.