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AEO Students

Academic Enrichment Opportunities (AEO)

Students with exceptional high school records who have exhausted all course options available at their high school may take NC State courses for credit while still in high school. The Academic Enrichment Opportunities (AEO) Program is offered to qualified high school students on a year-round basis, including summer sessions.

To be considered for the AEO program, students must satisfy all of the following criteria in order to enroll at NC State as an AEO student:

  • Cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher. Transcripts and standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, or others) consistent with students entering the university's freshmen class may be required.
  • Junior or Senior level. The AEO program is designed as an enrichment program to enhance the opportunities of advanced junior and senior high school students.
  • You must be on track to graduate on time.
  • Your high school does not offer the course.
  • Students are now required to pay a non-refundable $25 Non-Degree Studies application processing fee at the end of the application.

Continuing AEO Students

Continuing AEO students who have not skipped a spring or fall semester must return a completed AEO form to the office of Registration & Records. The AEO form is required for every semester you take classes at NC State as a high school student. Once you are notified of your approval to take classes, you will be eligible to register online through the MyPack Portal system using the same Unity ID, password during the designated NDS Enrollment Period (check the Enrollment Calendar).

New AEO Students and Returning AEO Students (Who Skipped a Regular Semester)

  1. Select the classes you desire to take:

    • The complete schedule of classes is available online.
    • Students should not choose courses that are offered in their high school at either the basic, advanced, or Advanced Placement level. Nor should students attempt to take coursework at NC State University in order to prepare for higher-level courses in high school.
    • Enrollment in more than one course is strongly discouraged. If additional courses are desired, please secure a written recommendation from your principal.
  2. Complete the AEO Form and Non-Degree Studies (NDS) Application:

  3. Download the AEO form

    • This is the form all high school students need to complete in order to take classes at NC State.
    • You will need to obtain the signatures of your high school counselor and principal verifying that you meet the criteria for participation in the AEO program.

    Download the NDS Application

    • This is the form all non-degree students need to complete in order to take classes at NC State.
    • You may deliver, mail, or fax the completed AEO & NDS application forms to Registration & Records – Attn. AEO Program, 1000 Harris Hall, Campus Box 7313, Raleigh, NC 27695-7313, (Fax 919.515.2376).
    • If you are home schooled, please provide a copy of your transcript.
  4. Register for classes via MyPack Portal

    • It is important to note that even though students indicate their desired class on their AEO paperwork, the Registration & Records office is not responsible for registering students for that particular class. We can assist in the process, but students must take the additional step of course registration.
    • Once a student has been approved for participation, the student will receive the information necessary for registration online: a Unity ID and password.
    • Find out when NDS students are eligible to register by clicking on the Enrollment Calendar for the semester you are interested in. AEO students are considered Undergraduate Studies (UGS) students for registration purposes.
    • Register Online through the MyPack Portal

      • Enter your Unity ID and Unity Password.
      • Click on the “Enrollment” link.
      • Enter the semester for which you want to register.
    • Tutorials for using MyPack Portal to register for courses, modify your schedule, and listing your schedule.
    • Students experiencing difficulties, feel free to contact us at 919.515.2572 or by email.
    • Important information on add/drop dates are found by clicking on the Semester Calendar
  5. Pay your required tuition and fees

    • AEO students pay the same tuition and fees as degree students.
    • Click on the Tuition and Fees link at the Cashier’s Office for the current rates
    • AEO students are considered Undergraduate Studies (UGS) students at NC State and are charged at the undergraduate rate.
    • The tuition and fee charges for Distance Education courses are separate and distinct from the tuition and fees charged for on-campus courses. Distance Education courses are identified with a 600 or greater section number. On-campus tuition and fee charges are determined based solely on on-campus enrollment. Distance Education tuition and fee charges are determined based solely on Distance Education enrollment.
    • See the distance Education website for information on DE Tuition and fee schedules
  6. Review information on student resources
  7. Complete the process to receive dual enrollment credit at your high school if applicable.

    • Students must work closely with their high school counselor prior to registration to ensure classes taken at NC State qualify for dual enrollment.
    • Complete the dual enrollment form supplied by your high school counselor.
    • Have an official transcript sent from NC State’s Department of Registration and Records to your high school. Students can request an official transcript in person or by fax.
    • Information on requesting official transcripts is available at: or by phone through the Department of Registration and Records at 919.515.2572.
    • Note: Telephone requests for transcripts will not be honored.