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Shelton NDS Scholarship

Scholarship History

This endowment is part of the Gen. Hugh Shelton Initiative for Leadership Development and provides scholarship assistance for Undergraduate Studies (UGS) students enrolling through the Non-Degree Studies program at NC State University. This scholarship supports students who have the motivation, potential, and character to successfully complete a university degree, yet may not have satisfied the criteria to qualify for immediate admission into a degree program. The scholarship is administered through the Division of Enrollment Management and Services under the direction of the Gen. Hugh Shelton Initiative for Leadership Development and the Office of Extension, Engagement and Economic Development.

The mission of the Gen. Hugh Shelton Initiative for Leadership Development is “to inspire, educate and develop values-based leaders committed to personal integrity, professional ethics, and selfless service.” The initiative fulfills this mission through the annual Shelton Leadership Forum, scholarships, youth leadership programs, and partnerships. The Office of Extension, Engagement and Economic Development provides leadership and vision for University partnerships with external communities. These partnerships facilitate research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and service. The Non-Degree Studies program provides access for students to enroll in credit courses at NC State as a UGS or PBS student. Through the Non-Degree Studies program, individuals in the community can register for NC State University credit courses without having been formally admitted to a degree program. Following acceptance into a degree program by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, credits earned as a Non-Degree student may be applied to a degree program.

The Shelton NDS Scholarship is designed for individuals who are interested in gaining admission to an undergraduate degree program at NC State, yet may need to initially enroll through Non-Degree Studies. The anonymous donor states, "This scholarship is primarily designed for students who have a mediocre academic experience until their junior year, when they turned their life around and achieved "A's" and "B's" in their last year of high school (or equivalent)."  The donor's intent is to provide incentives to support a student who may have extenuating circumstances that prevent regular admission, or circumstances which will not currently allow full-time regular admission. The scholarship provides tuition support for students to enroll in NC State credit courses through the Non-Degree Studies program. The Division of Enrollment Management and Services will select scholarship recipient(s) via the process described below.

The Shelton NDS Scholarship welcomes applications from individuals who are planning to enroll as Undergraduate Studies (UGS) students in course work applicable to their intended major. The selection process focuses on a review of an applicant’s leadership qualities and capacities, community involvement, and other personal traits which demonstrate motivation and potential with regard to future academic success and career excellence. Applicants should describe extenuating circumstances that have affected performance or current circumstances that make full time regular enrollment impossible. Awards shall be for tuition and fees in support of a maximum of two courses in a regular semester or summer session and may be renewable in support of up to two additional courses, subject to the availability of funds, if the recipient maintains satisfactory academic progress as determined by the Division of Enrollment Management and Services with respect to the student’s intended major.

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