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2013 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Orientation Dates (by major)


Code Major Name NSO Dates
11AGEVTBS Agricultural and Environmental Technology July 22-23
11AGBUSBS Agricultural Business Management July 22-23
11AGBUSBBM Agricultural Business Management, Biological Sciences Concentration July 22-23
11AGEDBS Agricultural Education July 22-23
11AGSBS Agricultural Science July 22-23
11ANSCIAS Animal Science, Industry Concentration July 23-24
11ANSCSAS Animal Science, Science Concentration July 23-24
11BIOCHBS Biochemistry July 18-19
11BBSBS Bioprocessing Science July 18-19
11EXTEDBS Extension Education July 22-23
11FOODSBS Food Science, Science Concentration July 18-19
11FOODSTFS Food Science, Technology Concentration July 18-19
11HORTSSH Horticultural Science, Floriculture, Ornamentals, Fruits & Vegetables Conc. July 22-23
11HORTTHG Horticultural Science, General Conc. July 22-23
11HORTTHL Horticultural Science, Landscape Horticulture Concentration July 22-23
11NATRLNRW Natural Resources, Soil & Water Systems Conc. July 22-23
11NATRLNRS Natural Resources, Soil Resources Conc. July 22-23
11NTSBS Nutrition Science July 18-19
11PSSPAE Plant and Soil Sciences Agroecology Conc. July 22-23
11PSSPAB Plant and Soil Sciences Agronomic Business Conc. July 22-23
11PSSPAA Plant and Soil Sciences Agronomic Science Conc. July 22-23
11PSSPCB Plant and Soil Sciences Crop Biotechnology Conc. July 22-23
11PSSPAC Plant and Soil Sciences Crop Production Conc. July 22-23
11PSSSST Plant and Soil Sciences Soil Science Conc. July 22-23
11PBBS Plant Biology July 18-19
11PLTRYBS Poultry Science, Science Concentration July 22-23
11PLTRYTPS Poultry Science, Technology Concentration July 22-23
11SLDBS Soil and Land Development July 22-23
11TFGBS Turfgrass Science July 22-23
11AGSCI Undeclared Major, Agriculture July 22-23