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A Letter to the Parents and Family Members

On behalf of New Student Orientation, it is a pleasure to welcome you as the parent of an incoming NC State University student. We know you are proud and excited that your son or daughter has chosen to attend this wonderful university.

Our website contains information about all of the programs and services that will be available to students while they attend New Student Orientation. You may find it helpful to review this information with your son or daughter to ensure that they understand and complete all of the requirements necessary to prepare for the first day of class.

We understand that as parents you play an active and important role in helping your student to adjust to campus life. But we also understand that family members may need help in adjusting too, and I would like to make that transition as easy as possible. First, the New Student Orientation website connects you with departments and resources that play a role in the academic success of your student. We believe the more informed you are about the services your student will be receiving the better resource you can be for your son or daughter.

Secondly, understand that we will provide opportunities for your student to become familiar in their new surroundings, while encouraging them to meet new friends and have fun. A committed staff of professionals, undergraduate students, and volunteers will be on site to assist your student through their sometimes difficult, but important, transition into the university.

Third, academic representatives will be available to answer your student’s questions about their course work and plan of study. These meetings allow students and advisers to introduce themselves and are vital so students can make informed decisions during their academic career.

The Parents’ Orientation program is organized by Parents and Families Services and you can get more information about their program at: If you have questions or concerns, you can contact them at 877.568.5733 or 919.515.2441or email them at

If your student has a question about any of the programs we offer, please encourage them to call our office at 919.515.1234 or email us at and a member of our staff will be able to assist them.

I join many others in welcoming you to campus for these two days and I hope that they are enjoyable and productive.

Gabe Wical
Director, New Student Orientation