Office of International Services

Faculty Resources


OIS adheres, in general, to a college liaison model to provide continuous support to NC State faculty & staff. Please visit this link for your college liaison's contact information.

Department Contacts

OIS; 515-2961

320 Daniels Hall, 111 Lampe St, main campus 

International Employment 

Ms. Jill Blitstein, Manager; 515-4518

Hiring Foreign Labor

United States Department of Labor website

Foreign National Vendor Payments

Dwaine Cook, Controller's Office; 919-513-2866

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (Graduate School)

Dr. Nisha A. Cavanaugh, Director; 515-0326

Payroll/Honoraria Payments

Ms. Michelle Anderson, Foreign National Tax Program Manager; 515-4370

Moving Expenses

Ms. Kim Kelley, Assistant Controller; 515-7132

Travel Audit

Kim Martin, Travel Auditor; 515-7492