Spring 2012 Newsletter

Office of International Services

Fall 2012 Faculty & Staff Newsletter


Reduced Course Load Options

As you are advising and working with your new F and J international students this semester, we want to remind you that international students who are struggling during their first semester have an option to apply for a reduced course load. All F and J students must be enrolled full time, but immigration regulations allow for certain exceptions which are detailed here.

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OIS News

International Student Orientation

For this Fall 2012 semester, OIS checked-in and greeted 982 new international students, 657 of which are Graduate students, 88 Undergraduate, while 237 belong to various other categories (such as the Intensive English Program, Non Degree Seeking Students etc.). The most represented countries this year are China, India, South Korea, Iran, Taiwan, and Turkey.

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Academic Advisors at New International Student Orientation

During the new international graduate student orientation the directors of graduate programs (DGPs) and graduate coordinators were able to sit in on the presentations and be recognized by the group of new international graduate students. The DGPs and graduate coordinators were also able to attend a personalized presentation by staff from OIS, ask questions directly to an OIS staff person and learn more about the additional services that OIS provides for new international students.

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The Intensive English Program at NC State

Learn more about NC State's Intensive English Program (IEP)! The IEP started in spring 2011 with 8 students, representing China, Libya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan. Three semesters later, the IEP has 159 students that represent 9 different countries around the globe.

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International Student and Scholar Cookbook

The Pan-Galactic Cookbook Series, Volume One: Earth

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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in international students and/or scholars at NC State? Want to get a chance to meet a few people from abroad on personal basis, learn about their culture and/or practice a foreign language? Want to get a chance to provide a real American experience for a student or two? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then one of our programs below might be a fantastic opportunity for you.


Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is a program where you are given an opportunity to host one or several students by providing them with a real American meal. It is a unique opportunity for new international students who are far away from their families to taste some real homemade meals and learn about American lifestyle and hospitality, while at the same time providing the host with an opportunity to learn about other cultures. It is a one time event but to be considered for a host, you need to complete an application, which you can find at the OIS website.


International Friendship Program (IFP)

For those people who wish to establish a deeper and more regular connection with internationals and who may commit to meeting the person once a month for a cup of coffee, some sightseeing or a game, the IFP might be a good idea. All you need to do is complete an application, which you may find at the OIS website.


Kelia Hubbard, OIS Assistant Director Granted Fulbright Award

OIS's Assistant Director, Kelia Hubbard has been selected for a Fulbright award to the U.S.-Germany Education Administrators Program. The two week program next month will focus on learning about the German educational system and will take place in Berlin for the first week, with trips to Frankfurt and other German cities (and Strasbourg, France) in the second. Receiving this competitive award is a wonderful and much-deserved recognition of Kelia's leadership in the field and an opportunity for her to exchange ideas with domestic and international colleagues. Please join OIS in congratulating Kelia for earning this award and representing NC State in this Fulbright program.



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