Office of International Services

Supporting OIS Programs & Students

There are numerous ways to support the work of OIS and to make a difference in the lives of international students and scholars – and their families. Community volunteers are the driving force behind our culture programs, such as the International Friendship Partners, Breaking Bread, Culture Corps, the English Conversation Club, and iMOM, the program for spouses and children of international students and scholars.

Can you spend some time each week or on an occasional basis to be a friend to an international student or family? Perhaps you can serve as an occasional driver for airport pick-ups or school visits for international students who speak in the public schools, but have no car. Contact Lauren Ball, our Programs Coordinator, to see how you can volunteer with our office. In our current programs and volunteer positions, retired couples, stay-at-home moms, domestic students, and part-time employees are all making a big difference in our world – and making life-long friends with some of the most interesting, creative, generous, and selfless people around.

There are few scholarships and loan funds dedicated to international students. The Don Roberts fund, established in the memory of a former International Student Office director and who was a great friend of international students, is used for short-term emergency loans to current international students. Several other campus units and community organizations have established modest scholarships for international students, but more scholarships are needed. There are currently no substantial need- or merit-based scholarships for international undergraduate students and sponsors/donors are eagerly needed. Imagine the difference one sponsor could make in the life of an international student who makes a positive difference in their home country or here in the US. 

OIS is interested in partnering with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations in the Triangle area in order to improve and increase the impact of the international student and scholar population on our local community. Unfortunately, because of our limited staff and budget, OIS has not been able to implement all the wonderful programs that have been conceived and requested, but with your help we can sustain and develop programs that will enrich us all as we become a more global society. Contributions (an amount of money, an endowed scholarship established in your name or in memory of a loved one, a significant contribution for a building or other major project, or other gifts) are possible and would be greatly appreciated. It is easy to make a charitable gift to OIS or through OIS to the international community. A trust account has been set up which can be used by OIS to enhance our programs and services to the international community at NC State. Contributions are tax-deductible and checks can be sent directly to OIS. All donations are used solely for programs that support students and enhance the cross-cultural experience of students and scholars. Please contact the OIS Director on how you can support OIS programs and the international community at NC State University.