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About New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) coordinates NC State University's collective efforts to provide programs and services to newly admitted first-year and transfer undergraduate students that will facilitate their transition into NC State, prepare them for the institution's educational opportunities, and initiate their integration into the institution's intellectual, cultural, and social climate.

New Student Orientation is responsible for orientation and transition programming for all incoming, degree-seeking first-year and transfer students. Currently, NSO coordinates 18 overnight sessions for first-year students, 4 one-day sessions for transfer students, and 3 one-day sessions for both first-year and transfer students as well as supplemental programming that assists in the transition of NC State's incoming students.

As part of the Division of Academic & Student Affairs, NSO reports to the Provost's Office and offers an academically-based Orientation program that also includes significant student life messages essential to the success of our students.

To better understand how our office operates, our guiding principles are listed below.

New Student Orientation…

  1. Introduces students to information and resources that prepare them for their first semester at NC State University.
  2. Is a service department, responsible for coordinating the collective efforts of the university to introduce students to the institution’s intellectual, cultural, and social climate, and in particular the academic environment and expectations of each college at NC State.
  3. Operates under the belief that open and positive relationships are central to providing a comprehensive orientation program where students are informed, supported, and valued.
  4. Provides time-appropriate messages to students, understanding the importance of delivering messages to students when they are most likely to be heard and impact behavior.
  5. Organizes programs that serve as one of the first of many steps in transitioning students to their new environment, recognizing the importance of additional complementary programs and services provided by academic and student support units of the university.
  6. Works collaboratively with programs which offer supplemental programming in support of student transition such as African American Symposium, Native American Symposium, Hispanic American Symposium, and Parents’ Orientation.
  7. Efficiently manages resources (financial, human, and facilities).
  8. Continuously reviews and updates its programs and services through the use of a comprehensive assessment process.
  9. Values and utilizes campus partners and stakeholders in the decision-making process, working with the New Student Orientation Advisory Committee to decide major issues that impact the Orientation program.
  10. Employs and thoroughly trains a staff of motivated, knowledgeable, and responsible students that prides itself on being among the most helpful and professional at NC State.
  11. Espouses the importance of providing an orientation program that prioritizes student needs over institutional convenience.
  12. Operates within an organized structure where planning, documentation, and collaboration with campus partners are highly valued.
  13. Works collaboratively with other units within the Division of Academic & Student Affairs to support NC State students and achieve the shared mission of the Division.