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Register for Spring-Entry Parents Orientation

Parents' Orientation is an optional program offered to the parents and families of incoming students. Registration for Parents' Orientation is tied into the student's registration for Spring Entry Orientation and should be done at the same time by the student.

Please note: Only those students who have been accepted and have paid their advanced enrollment deposit ($200.00) can register for Orientation.

To register for Parents' Orientation:

1) Have your student log in to their WolfPAW account via the Undergraduate Admissions website at

2) Click on the "Orientation" link on the left column of the WolfPAW page.

3) Read the instructions and select the January 3rd Orientation session.

4) After you and your student have chosen the Orientation session, fill out the requested information for Parents' Orientation participants, such as name, address, email address, etc.

5) Payment for Parents' Orientation participants must be submitted at the time of registration via debit/credit card through NC State's secure online payment system. The fee for Parents' Orientation is $55 per family.

Please note: All first-year and transfer students are charged an Orientation fee of $54, which is included in their tuition and fees statement and is not paid in advance.

6) Click "Submit"

7) A confirmation email will be sent after registration, please keep a copy of this email for your records.

Important Notes
  • After the student has paid their Enrollment Deposit, please allow two days for processing before attempting to register for New Student Orientation.
  • If you and your student are having difficulty with the registration process or would prefer to register over the phone, please call the Office of New Student Orientation at 919.515.1234.