2010-11 Jimmy V Scholars

The Jimmy V-NC State University Cancer Therapeutics Training Program encourages young scientists to pursue their interests and become leading members of the next generation of cancer researchers. Each year, promising undergraduate, graduate and North Carolina high school students will be identified through the training program's competitive application process, and then given the opportunity to become Jimmy V Scholars and to pursue cancer research projects in four NC State laboratories.

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High-School Scholars

Minjeong KimName: Minjeong Kim     
ChungJu, South Korea
High School:
Green Hope High School, Cary, NC
Special Academic Achievements:
Honor roll, Governor's Award
Current Career Objectives:
To better people’s lives. 
Why Jimmy V?:
Jimmy V training gave me hands-on experience in laboratory research and the various procedures that you have to go through in order to do an experiment.  It really helped me to understand research requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but also that the reward after all that is amazing. 

Sudarshan MohanName: Sudarshan Mohan   
Vriddhachalam, Tamil Nadu, India
High School:
Middle Creek High School, Apex, NC
Special Academic Achievements:
Honor Roll, AP Scholar with Honor, Duke TIP Scholar, Math Honors Society
Current Career Objectives:
I envision taking up oncology research as a career and I am curious to learn what triggers cancerous growth in the bodies of apparently healthy people. My immediate goals include pursuing research projects while studying my undergraduate studies, and continue my research in an MD PhD program. 
Why Jimmy V?:
My goal is to take up molecular biological research and I wish to learn about problems and discoveries as applied to cancer. My participation in the Jimmy V Program will give me valuable exposure to cancer research scientists and research strategies. Being trained by the Jimmy V Program mentors, I can contribute to the body of scientific knowledge and develop contacts that will last for a life time. 

Lisa ZhengName: Lisa Zheng   
Raleigh, North Carolina
High School:
William G. Enloe High, Raleigh, NC
Special Academic Achievements:
USA Junior Mathematics Olympiad (top 500 students in U.S. and Canada), Mathematics Prize for Girls (top 250 students nationwide), Princeton University Mathematics Competition, Science Olympiad, Gold Key award in the Scholastic Arts, State and Grand recognition, Duke Talent identification Program (TIP)
Current Career Objectives:
Currently undecided, but I am exploring many different options to help me decide what I want to do in the future. 
Why Jimmy V?:
Through the Jimmy V program, I hope to gain experience in the field of research to help me better choose what I want to do in the future.  I have never had any opportunities to experience research before, and I hope that I will be able to get a fun and educational experience out of the Jimmy V program. 

Undergraduate Scholars

Candis CookName: Candis Cook   
Charlotte, NC
High School:
Mount Pleasant High School, Mt. Pleasant, NC
NC State Major and Minor:
Major, Biological Sciences with a concentration in molecular and cellular development, and Psychology; Minor, Genetics
Special Academic Achievements:
Career Fellows Recipient, CALS honors program, University Honors Program, AED Pre-medical Honor Society
Current Career Objectives:
Hopefully medical school practicing academic medicine, possibly an MD/PhD track; neurosurgeon, interventional radiologist, or orthopedic surgeon.
Why Jimmy V?:
I feel as though the Jimmy V training program will help me achieve my career goals by allowing me to experience scientific research in a laboratory. The life-long lab skills will allow me to concentrate on parts of science that when pieced together ultimately link to a broad overview of science in general. 

Lauren ClineName: Lauren Cline   
Birthplace: Mt. Ulla, NC
High Schools:
West Rowan High School, Mt. Ulla, NC
NC State Major: Major, Microbiology
Special Academic Achievements: Mt. Ulla Scholarship
Current Career Objectives: To work in a lab performing research on infectious diseases or providing healthcare for children and families in underprivileged countries.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program has given me the chance to work in a lab that will help me gain experience in the world of medical research. I feel this program will help me gain experience in lab research centered around a better understanding of the infectious disease process, specifically how proteins are involved in bacterial response and protection..

Richard DeansName: Richard Deans
Birthplace: Rocky Mount, NC
High School: Rocky Mount High School, Rocky Mount, NC
NC State Major and Minor: Major, Chemistry
Special Academic Achievements: Park Scholar, Robert C. Byrd Scholar, University Honors Program
Current Career Objectives: I would like to attend graduate school in chemistry and pursue a career as a research chemist, in either the academic or industrial sector.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program has provided me with a great deal of firsthand knowledge of the everyday terminologies, equipment, and techniques of a modern, working organic synthesis laboratory.  These experiences will (hopefully) make me a competitive candidate for graduate school and will enable me to bring forward a great deal of experience from my undergraduate studies.

Mikal DryeName: Mikal Drye   
Birthplace: Monroe, NC
High School: North Carolina School of Science and Math, Durham, NC
Undergraduate School: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
Wake Forest Major and Minor: Major, Biochemistry; Minor, Spanish
Special Academic Achievements: Wake Forest University Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholar, NCSSM Golden Cupola Award, NCSSM Humanities Award, First Place at National Academic WorldQuest Competition
Current Career Objectives: I am debating whether to enter medical school or pursue a graduate degree in biochemistry once I obtain my undergraduate degree. Regardless of the path I ultimately choose, I hope to devote my career to research and providing cutting-edge treatments to those affected by cancer and other life-changing illnesses.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program has provided me with invaluable experience and training in basic laboratory skills and protocols, as well as an in-depth understanding of the perseverance and curiosity necessary to succeed in a research environment. Most students are unable to participate in in-depth cancer research during their undergraduate careers and the Jimmy V – NCSU Cancer Therapeutics Training Program has given me a head-start in any future research career I choose to pursue.

Patrick JohnsonName: Patrick Johnson   
Birthplace: Raleigh, NC
High School: Athens Drive High School, Raleigh, NC
Undergraduate School: Catawba College, Salisbury, NC
Catawba College Majors and Minors: Major, Biology; Minor, Chemistry
Special Academic Achievements: N.C. Honors Scholar, Catawba College Tri Beta Member, Catawba College Gamma Sig Epsilon Member
Career Objectives: I plan to attend graduate school in either cancer biology or enter a pathologist’s assistant program.  I am very interested in medical science and more specifically the uncured diseases affecting the world.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program was a great help in introducing me to a more advanced laboratory and real world job experience.  It was interesting to see and to be a part of the research going into such a prestigious organization, which I have a high regard for.

Scott PeacockName: Scott Peacock   
Birthplace: Bethesda, MD
High School: Rocky Mount High School, Rocky Mount, NC
NC State Majors and Minors: Major, Chemical Engineering
Special Academic Achievements: Valedictorian, Summa Cum laude
Career Objectives: I want to have a successful career with my future employer, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics.  I would also like to take time off of work to obtain a graduate degree to increase my opportunities for advancement.
Why Jimmy V?: I gained valuable work and research experience in the Jimmy V program.  I will be employed with a pharmaceutical company and my experience in the laboratory has been very beneficial for the understanding of aseptic techniques and sterility in the work place.  I will be introduced to many new research techniques that will be useful in the future.

Camille SluderName: Camille Sluder   
Birthplace: Asheville, NC
High School: Asheville High School, Asheville, NC
NC State Majors and Minors: Majors, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Special Academic Achievements: SECU People to People Scholarship, University Honors Program, National Honor Society, Career Technical Honor Society
Career Objectives: To expose myself as an undergraduate to varied career opportunities in the medical field. By doing so I hope to discover how I can use my skills to best serve others. Ultimately I intend to attend medical school and remain open to the possibilities in the field of medicine. I am currently working in a research lab and volunteering at a hospital and it is my intent to narrow the possibilities of specialized courses of study in the medical field prior to applying to medical school.
Why Jimmy V?: By providing an opportunity to do research in synthetic organic chemistry field, the Jimmy V training program gives me experience as a researcher and the opportunity to collaborate with others focused on cancer research.