2009-10 Jimmy V Scholars

The Jimmy V-NC State University Cancer Therapeutics Training Program encourages young scientists to pursue their interests and become leading members of the next generation of cancer researchers. Each year, promising undergraduate, graduate and North Carolina high school students will be identified through the training program's competitive application process, and then given the opportunity to become Jimmy V Scholars and to pursue cancer research projects in four NC State laboratories.

High-School Scholars  |  Undergraduate Scholars  |  Graduate Scholars  |  2010-11 Scholars

High-School Scholars

Carolyn CaggiaName: Carolyn Caggia   
Durham, NC
High School:
Green Hope High School, Cary, NC
Special Academic Achievements:
Wake County Public School System Superintendent Spotlight on Students Award
Current Career Objectives:
I would like to make a contribution to the betterment of the world through science.
Why Jimmy V?:
The Jimmy V program can help me achieve my goals by helping me get great experience in the lab, and obtain a hands-on feel for what I could be doing in my career. It can help me to understand the scientific research methods and all the hard work and perseverance that is required in the field of science. It can also allow me to converse with peers and mentors who have the same interests as me.

Jessie DuanName: Jessie Duan   
Greenville, NC
High School:
Green Hope High School, Cary, NC
Special Academic Achievements:
Duke TIP Bevan Scholar, High School State Math Contest, 15th place
Current Career Objectives:
Biomedical engineering
Why Jimmy V?:
The Jimmy V program will introduce me to research and give me an experience in a real laboratory. I will also learn about cancer so that I might be able to work with cancer as an engineer.

Lucia DuanName: Lucia Duan   
Kinston, NC
High School:
NC School of Science and Math, Durham, NC
Current Career Objectives:
Why Jimmy V?:
The Jimmy V Program will help me decide which career path I wish to take. Also, it will give me experience in the laboratory and with cancer research. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am only too grateful to have.

Olivia LathamName: Olivia Latham
Raleigh, NC
High School:
William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, NC
Special Academic Achievements:
A/B Honor Roll, AP Scholar with Honors, National Society for High School Scholars, President's Education Scholar Award, NC Scholar Award, Enloe Scholar Award
Current Career Objectives:
I plan on attending Wake Forest University for undergraduate school and double majoring in Biology and Chemistry with minors in Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Dance. I also plan on studying on the pre-medical track, and hopefully go to medical school!
Why Jimmy V?:
For the past 6 months, the Jimmy V training program has opened my eyes to a world of science I didn’t even know existed. I have gained first- hand experience by working in different types of labs that will help my future career. This program has allowed me to participate in research that many students never have the opportunity to be a part of. The Jimmy V program has encouraged me to focus on my studies in science and magnified my desire to continue on a path related to their research and more.

Undergraduate Scholars

Hannah CheekName: Hannah Cheek   
Liberty, NC
High School:
Southern Alamance High School, Graham, NC
NC State Majors:
Biological Sciences and Biochemistry
Special Academic Achievements:
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Caldwell Scholar, Coca-Cola Scholar, Lovvorn Scholar, SECU Scholar, Farm Credit Scholar, SAHS and NCSU Valedictorian, CALS Honors Scholar
Current Career Objectives:
I will be attending Duke University in the Fall to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.
Why Jimmy V?:
The Jimmy V program has taught me critical thinking skills associated with research, allowing me to learn how to approach a problem and come up with a plan to solve it. The program has also taught me a lot about cooperating with individuals with other helpful fortes. I plan to use these skills, among other lessons learned, in my field in order to work with other individuals to make better equipment, such as prostheses, for disabled individuals.

Mark DeaverName: Mark Deaver   
Birthplace: Kinston, NC
High Schools:
NC School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC, South Lenoir High School, Deep Run, NC
NC State Major and Minor: Major, Chemistry; Minor, German
Special Academic Achievements: Selected for National Science Foundation undergraduate research project in environmental chemistry, Dan K. Edwards award for work in German literature
Current Career Objectives: Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I hope to attend graduate school. Currently, teaching, further research in synthetic organic chemistry, and perhaps pharmacy school are the career paths that interest me most. Ideally, I would like to remain at NC State for graduate school, both to teach and pursue the latest direction of my group’s research.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program has particular significance to me, because I am very passionate about finding new ways to combat needless suffering. This program, at the core level, will help me assemble the necessary tools needed to become fluent both in research design and experimental technique. These tools will allow me to gather valuable experience that will hopefully translate to my own future breakthroughs in cancer research.

Julia FreiName: Julia Frei
Birthplace: Hickory, NC
High School: Fred T. Foard High School, Newton, NC
NC State Major and Minor: Major, Biochemistry; Minor, German
Special Academic Achievements: Park Scholar, German Award
Current Career Objectives: Oncologist or research career focusing on biochemistry or cancer.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program will allow me to get hands-on experience working in a real lab. It will teach me to be precise and consistent, which are skills that are needed in the medical and research fields. It will also help build relationships with mentors who can help me network in the future when I start actively making career choices.

Tojan RahhalName: Tojan Rahhal   
Birthplace: Wilmington, NC
High School: Broughton High School, Raleigh, NC
NC State Majors: Biomedical engineering, Pre-med
Special Academic Achievements: Women in Science and engineering Achievement Award, Initiative to Maximize Student Diversity (IMSD) Program Scholar
Current Career Objectives: I am planning on earning a degree in Biomedical Engineering while doing research relevant to the biomedical field. I am very interested in brain cancer research and therefore thinking of pursuing a degree in research, perhaps a PhD.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program will help me achieve my goals because it is providing me with resources that otherwise would be very difficult to find. The program is allowing me to pursue research and have the hands on experience of the real world. It is also allowing me to research a topic I am very interested in, cancer.

Sindu RavishankarName: Sindhu Ravishankar   
Birthplace: Mysore, India
High School: William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, NC
NC State Majors and Minors: Majors, Biological Sciences, International Studies; Minors, Music, Performance and Spanish
Special Academic Achievements: Mercy Corps Global Action Award,  Caldwell Fellow, Thomas Jefferson Scholar, University Honors Program, CALS Honors, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Girl Scout Gold Award, Holtzman Scholarship Award, Dean's Office Scholarship Award, Prudential Spirit of the Community Award, The President’s Volunteer Service Award
Career Objectives: MD/PhD Program
Why Jimmy V?: As an aspiring MD/PhD student, I understand the applicability of research in a clinical setting and would like to gain valuable research experiences during my undergraduate years. I hope to take what I learn during my research experience in the Jimmy V training program and continue cancer research during and after medical school. This program will allow me to meet others with similar career interests as me and build strong relationships for the future.

Graduate Scholars

Robert HuigensName: Robert Huigens   
Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ
High School: Northwest Guilford High School, Greensboro, NC
Undergraduate Institution: UNC-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
NC State Major: Major, Chemistry
Special Academic Achievements: Summa Cum Laude, Student Excellence Award (Honors Program), Eberhart Award, Organic Chemistry Award, Mary Collins Scholarship
Current Career Objectives: I have aspirations of becoming a professor of chemistry and leading a research group in developing novel therapeutics to treat various diseases.
Why Jimmy V?: During my PhD studies, I have synthesized and developed several novel chemical libraries and various screening protocols to identify small molecules that would be useful in treating bacterial infections against multidrug resistant bacteria. The general strategy of chemical library synthesis and biological screening can also be applied to testing for anticancer activity to identify novel agents that have therapeutic value.

Tae-Hyung KimName: Tae-Hyung Kim   
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
High School: Jayang High School, Seoul, South Korea
Undergraduate Institution: Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea
NC State Major: Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Special Academic Achievements: College of Veterinary Medicine Research Forum Poster Award, Second Place
Current Career Objectives: After getting my PhD degree, I will move forward to post-doctoral training and a job in academia.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program will provide me with the opportunity to network with established cancer researchers.

Michael KrayerName: Michael Krayer   
Birthplace: Frankfurt a.M., Germany
High Schools: Dr. Richter Gymnasium, Kelkheim, Germany, Hardin High School, Hardin, Montana
Undergraduate Institution: UNC-Wilmington, Wilmington, NC
NC State Major: Chemistry
Special Academic Achievements: High School Valedictorian, Deloach award for best undergraduate Organic Chemistry student, CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) scholar athlete of the year, Chancellors cup award for UNCW’s top student-athlete, Burroughs Wellcome fellow
Current Career Objectives: To successfully finish my Ph.D. studies at NC State, while providing a valuable contribution to the scientific community through my work. After finishing my PhD I would like to peruse a post-doctoral position to gain more experience in the field of synthetic organic chemistry as a tool to help solve some of today's most urgent problems, such as human diseases or the global energy problem.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V program provides me with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills as a synthetic organic chemist to become a successful scientist and make significant contributions towards solving some of today's most pressing problems.

Justin RichardsName: Justin Richards   
Birthplace: Troy, NY
High School: Averill Park High School, Averill Park, New York
Undergraduate Institution: Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY
NC State Major: Chemistry
Special Academic Achievements: President's List, BS degree with honors and great distinction, Tau Delta Kappa Achievement Award, Burroughs-Wellcome pre-doctoral fellowship
Current Career Objectives: Complete a postdoctoral appointment at UNC Chapel Hill and translate the skills I have learned from both NC State and UNC into a job in the industrial sector performing drug discovery for either a contract research organization or pharmaceutical company.
Why Jimmy V?: The program has allowed me to immensely focus on my research through the generous funding, thereby allowing me to fully develop as a scientist and reach my potential. Additionally the program has allowed for collaboration with other groups at NC State which is a vital experience in being able to work with other scientists in future endeavors. It was a very positive experience that I am thankful to have been a part of.

Steven RogersName: Steven Rogers  
Birth Place: Jacksonville, NC
High School: Croatan High School, Newport, NC
Undergraduate Institution: Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC
NC State Major and Minor: Major, Chemistry; Minor, Mathematics
Current Career Objectives: I seek an industrial career in some type of medical or pharmaceutical setting after obtaining my PhD.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program has opened my mind as to how many facets of a disease need to be targeted and overcome before patient wellness may be obtained. Furthermore this program has endowed financial support that allows me to focus on my research in which I have made many interesting advances as of late.

Sean StoweName: Sean Stowe  
Birthplace: Gastonia, NC
High School: Ashbrook Senior High School, Gastonia, NC
Undergraduate Institution: NC State, Raleigh, NC
NC State Major and Minor: Major, Functional Genomics; Minor, Bioinformatics
Special Academic Achievements: NSF REU Fellowship, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, University Honors and Scholars Programs, CALS Honors Program, Biochemistry Honors Program, H. Robert Horton Award for Outstanding Undergraduate, Achievement in Biochemistry
Current Career Objectives: To pursue a career as an academic researcher in structural biochemistry and its application to human health.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program has provided me with the opportunity and resources necessary to continue my research into understanding the molecular mechanisms behind biofilm formation that facilitates chronic opportunistic infection in many cancer and other immuno-compromised patients.

Ashley TuckerName: Ashley Tucker   
Birthplace: Roanoke Rapids, NC
High School: Roanoke Rapids High School, Roanoke Rapids, NC
Undergraduate Institution: NC State, Raleigh, NC
NC State Majors and Minor: Majors, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences; Minor, Genetics
Special Academic Achievements: University Graduate Research Fellowship, Professional Development Award, CALS Honors Program, University Scholars Program, NC State Dean's List
Current Career Objectives: To earn a PhD in Functional Genomics and continue a career in science in either industry or academia.
Why Jimmy V?: The Jimmy V training program has given me experience in teaching and guiding young scientists to learn the importance of scientific research. Additionally, I am able to pursue my own project through the training program and grow as a scientist.