Britain Paris Edinburgh '12

Int'l Agribusiness, Culture and Law Course with Spring Break Study Abroad

international experience

Meetings Before the Trip

All students taking this course for 3 credits meet weekly during the spring semester prior to the trip for classroom discussion, presentations and informational sessions. Each class is mandatory and attendance is critical for a variety of reasons. We need to interact with each other, to learn about the places we will visit, to gain a perspective on British agribusiness, culture, laws, and history of Britain.


During these sessions, we will have a combination of guest lecturers, student presentations, and discussions about the various aspects of British culture and business. Students will research and present information on a variety of topics.

Registration Info and Credit for This Course in Your Degree Audit

Before you register, you must apply to the study abroad office to participate. Program application deadline is November 5, 2010. However, space will be awarded based upon the date that participants pay their $25 application fee (subject to change at the will of the Study Abroad Office's discretion). To get started, go to for application and other important information.

You will either be registering for this course as ALS 494 or AGI 194 with the section number assigned to us.

ALS 494 has been submitted (but has not yet received permission) to meet the requirements for:

Global Knowledge 3 Credits (approved Aug 2009)

Additional Breadth 3 Credits (requested approval)

Interdisciplinary Perspective 3 Credits (requested approval)

ALS 494 is also eligible for University Scholars/Honors credits. (approved on an individual basis)


AGI 194, for Associate Degree seeking students, will fulfill 3 hours of free electives. (Approved 2011)

Costs Associated with this Opportunity

To participate, you must enroll in either ALS 494 or AGI 194 for 3 credit hours. For degree seeking students, this will be part of your normal course load for the spring semester.


All costs are tentative until the entire program is contracted with the individual businesses that we will be patronizing. We anticipate that the trip will cost $1,995 excluding airfare which we expect to be in the neighborhood of $1,000. This will cover your lodging, ground transportation, destination fees, and hotel breakfasts. Other meals, incidentals and souvenirs are your responsibility.


In addition, the Study Abroad Office assesses a fee of $25 per person due at the time you submit your study abroad application for this program (this is the same $25 mentioned in the paragraph at the top of the page).

On the Study Abroad Experience

We will travel together as a group to Paris for a day then to London where we will spend the first few days and nights touring places of interest. We'll then set out for places around the country to see agribusiness establishments, historical places of interest, cultural icons and the like.


All participants will maintain a travel diary or travelogue and take pictures to be included in your study abroad report upon return to school.


We expect this to be a fun, exciting experience and we also expect that we will all conduct ourselves in a way that will ensure that the trip remains an enjoyable experience until we return home.

Class Meetings After We Return

After spring break, we will return to the weekly class meetings and will have a debriefing session after which students will sift through the knowledge they have learned over the course of the semester, condense this information into a report and be prepared to present their research studies to a group of invitees into the class at some point during the remainder of the semester. These invitees will be other students interested in study abroad, professors, and college administrators.


Contact info

ALS 494/AGI 194 Directors


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