Britain Paris Edinburgh '12

Int'l Agribusiness, Culture and Law Course with Spring Break Study Abroad


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You are invited to participate in an exciting new course offering for Spring 2012. This 3 credit course will meet weekly during the spring semester and will include a study abroad component in Britain and Paris over the week of Spring Break. You will sign up for either ALS 494 or AGI 194, both with the title Int'l Agribusiness, Culture and Law.


What you can and should do before spring semester 2012

For your part, there are at least 2 things you'll need to do before the class begins.


If you are interested in participating in this international experience, please contact either Ron Campbell or Melissa Hendrickson so we can add you to the list of potential travelers. As the time draws closer, we'll provide email and website updates about the progress of the course and the trip planning and preparation.


There are scholarhsips available for many students. Dr. Ron Campbell has information and the application forms for these scholarships. Deadline is May 1, 2012 for applying for them, so contact him as quickly as possible to process your funding request.


The next thing you need to make sure of is that you have a valid passport. If you do not currently hold a valid passport, now is the time to apply for yours. Go to and find the information you need to print off to apply for a passport. All information needed to apply is on the website. You can apply in person at the Passport Window in the Cameron Village Post Office on Oberlin Road or any Passport Acceptance Facility.

Paying for London Paris Edinburgh '12

Another important consideration is funding. In addition to money you may have available through other sources, there are school-based funding opportunities for study abroad. Student loans, scholarships and other financial aid is available to students to help pay for this trip. To inquire about this possibility, contact the Financial Aid Office and/or the Study Abroad Office at and then click on the Scholarships tab. The deadline for submitting your scholarship application is September 24, 2011. Scholarship notifications will be made on November 19, 2011. These dates are subject to change by the Study Abroad Office.


Financial Aid

In general, students may apply financial aid (including loans, grants, and
scholarships) towards the cost of any study abroad program. Financial aid eligibility is determined using the TOTAL cost of studying abroad (including air fare and personal expenses), based on official program budgets provided by the Study Abroad Office.

Please be aware that the FAFSA should be submitted by the end of February
of the year prior to when the program starts (see The
NC State FAFSA school code is 00297.

Example: Complete a 2010-2011 FAFSA by the end of February of 2011 if
you plan to attend this Britain Paris Study Abroad Program in Spring 2012.

Contact info

ALS 494/AGI 194 Directors


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