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Q, Why are all new member posts being monitored?
A, This is the best way we can avoid SPAM, OFF TOPIC THREADS, COMMERCIAL POSTINGS, SOLICITATION FOR BUSINESS, or any offensive material from being posted on this forum.

Q, Is there a count on how many posts a new member must make before they are allowed to post without moderation?
A, No, this is up to the forum Administrator and the other staff that works on the forum. Usually if you post thoughtful on topic, threads or new posts, your profile will be unlocked shortly.

Q, I am now a member of the Warning Group, how did I get here?
A, One of the following applied to you or your profile;
--- your IP address is listed on one or more blacklists.
--- your IP address shows you are from outside our normal area of service.
--- you attempted to post one of the earlier stated five items we want to avoid on the forum.

Q, Can I get out of the Warning Group?
A, Yes the easiest is to post thoughtful on topic replies. (Yes I agree is not thoughtful) Opening a discussion that is on topic for this forum, and being patient.

Q, Why can't I get to my user control panel?
A, This ability has been disabled on all new accounts, sadly this had to be done to eliminate weblink posters from joining. To get to the User CP you need to follow the above rules and become a participating member in good standing.

Q, I just posted a new thread or topic but I can not see it, should I repost it?
A, NO your post is in the moderation queue. If you post two or more identical posts this will be treated as spam, the post will be deleted and your profile will be banned.

Q, I disagree with these rules who can I complain to?
A, The Forum Moderator (me)
07-26-2012 10:03 PM
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