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New fireline pack search - Troll - 01-27-2012

After several years of using my trusty GSA pack it is time to retire it (more like have it buried). This has caused me to begin the quest for a new pack, but after spending some time online I can find only a handful of different packs. Now I know there are as many packs out there as my wife has purses. And there are more opinions about packs than there are packs. So what I am proposing here is if you are interested in aiding my search for a new pack, please feel free to post the following:

Manufacturer: (no links, just a name)
Pack model:
Why you recommend it:
How long you have used it.

This should help us skate by one of the moderators (me) regarding commercial content.

RE: New fireline pack search - Hazen - 04-27-2012

This is probably a bit late to be useful, but here is my two cents:

-True North
-"Spyder" Web-Gear
-It is an inexpensive pack that is carried by many distributers - so it is easy when agency requirements call for multiple quotes. The pack is small and light - all qualities that are useful in the punishing heat of a Deep South fireline. The pack is customizable enough to suit most every fire professional quirk, yet it does not have a large back panel that adds to heat stress. The weight is low slung so foot-work isn't made more complex, yet not so low that the wearer can't ride an ATV or hop into an engine.
-I don't actually use this pack myself*, but I do hand one out to all of our new employees. The oldest pack in-use on our team has 5 wild and Rx fire seasons under its belt. The wearer is still happy with it and the pack shows nothing more than some cosmetic damage/wear.

*I use a pack different than what we supply our team because my pack allows for a few particulars that no other pack (that I can afford) seems to
-Wildfire Strike Force
-I would not recommend this pack to most who work fire in the South, as the large back panel can be hot. However, this panel easily converts to an over-the-shoulder machete carry. We fight, and light, fire in heavy 30 to 80 year rough and I find I need a machete more than I need a light pack - particularly when my other hand is occupied with a drip torch. Additionally, the detachable backpack part is very useful when I go to a fire away from my duty station. Finally, the pouch for miscellaneous gear is the largest I have seen.
-I have had this pack for nearly 9 years, and it shows. Several straps are held by staples and one of the buckles is now a carabineer. Still, it's my pack and it works for me.

RE: New fireline pack search - Troll - 04-27-2012


Many thanks for your input, while it was late it is still useful information and I think may be helpful to others over time.

Your friendly forum moderator,