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Professor Vincent Chiang has been awarded the 2004-2005 Alumni Outstanding Research Award. This is one of the highest honors NC State confers on its own faculty.


We have established (2004) a North Carolina State University Forest Biotechnology Industrial Research Consortium (FORBIRC), with eleven participating companies from all over the world. The Consortium is directed by Prof. Vincent Chiang and coordinated by Prof. Ron Sederoff and Prof. Hou-min Chang, and consists of 12 other faculty members from the Department of Forestry, Paper and Engineering Science and Wood Products groups from the Department of Wood and Paper Science. The mission of the Consortium is to integrate genome technology, metabolic engineering, traditional tree breeding and wood and paper science into a research organization directed to the creation of superior wood as a raw material and as a product. The Consortium promotes innovation and advances in forest, wood, and paper science using the most advanced forest biotechnology by creating a collaborative platform involving leading forest products industry participants worldwide and NC State University. Companies and research organizations are welcome to join the Consortium at any time.

A three year grant in the amount of $1.9 M was awarded from DOE on "Improved wood properties through genetic manipulation: Engineering of syringyl lignin in softwood species through xylem-specific expression of hardwood syringyl monolignol pathway genes", by Vincent Chiang (PI), Laigeng Li, Hou-min Chang and Mark Davis.

Vincent Chiang (PI), Kurt Pregitzer, Laigeng Li, Wendy Loya and Christian Giardina were awarded a three-year poplar genomics/carbon sequestration grant in the amount of $1 M from DOE on "Effects of down- and up-regulated lignin biosynthesis in Populus on soil carbon transformation and storage".

Ron Sederoff, Co-Director for Forest Biotechnology Group has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in recognition of his pioneering work in the application of molecular genetics and genomics to forest-tree species. http://www.ncsu.edu/news/press_releases/03_10/290.htm


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