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Clear Cache/Temporary Internet Files

Step 1

Logout of MyPack Portal and close all other browser windows. You can perform the clear cache steps using this browser window.


Step 2

Next, you will delete the temporary internet files. Below are instructions on how to do this in different types of browsers.


Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> go to 3rd area here, titled Private Data -> click Clear Now (make sure Browsing History, Cache, Cookies, and Authenticated Sessions are checked) -> click Clear Private Data Now -> click OK

Internet Explorer (versions older than 7.0):

Go to Tools (at the top) -> Internet Options -> Delete Cookies -> OK -> Delete Files (check next to Delete all offline content) -> OK and OK

Internet Explorer 7.0:

Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> click the General tab -> under Browsing History, click Delete -> in the Delete Browsing History, you can select individual info you want deleted and/or Delete all to remove all temporary files -> click close -> click OK

Macintosh Netscape:

Go to Preferences -> click Advanced -> Cache -> click Clear Cache -> click OK to save changes

Macintosh Safari:

Click on the word Safari, click Empty Cache -> when the message "Are you sure you want to empty the cache?" appears, click Empty


Step 3

Close, then open browser and restart your session.

If clearing the cache does not work and you are using Internet Explorer, try resetting your security level by doing the following:

Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security (2nd tab) -> change to default level