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Parental Access

In compliance with FERPA, students must intiate and assign Parent/Guardian Access through MyPack Portal,the online student services system. This access gives the parent/guardian the ability to view student information online, which includes transcript and billing information.


Instructions for the student to grant parental access in MyPack Portal:

MyPack Portal Student Navigation:
Login with your Unity ID and password. Go go Student Self Service > Student Center > Parent Access. Follow the steps:

  1. Click the "Add Relationship" button and enter the name, email address, and relationship of the person you would like to grant access to view your records.
  2. Click "Create Parent Access" button, then read and accept the Informed Consent information.
  3. Indicate which records should be released. Select from "Student Account" (billing, payment), "Academic Info" (grades, schedule) and "Directory Info."
  4. Enter and re-enter parent/guardian e-mail address
  5. Create a PIN for phone inquiry access and hint for this code (the guardian will be required to provide this code if they call to find out student information). For example, if you grant access to your father, you might set his access code to your mother's birthday. In this case you might provide the following hint: Mom's Birthday MMDDYY.
  6. Grant your consent by clicking on the Submit button.

    NOTE: An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the guardian e-mail account.

The guardian must receive a confirmation e-mail (initiated by the student) to gain access to the parent portal. To access information over the phone:

  • Access transcript information by calling Registration and Records at (919) 515-2572.
  • Financial information is available by calling the following:
    • University Cashier's Office (919) 515-2986
    • Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (919) 515-2421
    • Communication Technologies (919) 515-7099 option 1