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Graduation Senior Reminder

Graduating Senior,


Congratulations on your upcoming Graduation!


We know that the weeks leading up to Graduation are an exciting, yet hectic, time for you. For this reason, we wanted to remind you about the Student Speaker application deadline and to inform you about the wealth of information regarding Graduation that is easily accessible online.


Our Graduation website,, includes information for you, the upcoming graduate, your parents, and your guests.


If you are interested in being the Student Speaker, the application for this opportunity is available online at Remember, the application is due to Registration and Records by 5:00 p.m. on October 18th, 2012.


Information about the Graduation Schedule, Procedures, Announcements, Apparel, Seating, and Parking is also available from the Graduation website.


**Please note: Names of graduating students will not be published in the graduation program or in any official press release if the student has a privacy setting preventing such release. Students must ensure that their "privacy settings" in the MyPack portal indicate their intention for inclusion in or exclusion from these publications no later than November 2nd.


For help on how to change these settings in MyPack Portal, please see the FERPA/Privacy tutorial:


Again, congratulations and good luck on the rest of your Senior Semester.