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Readmission into Degree-Seeking Programs

The Summer/Fall 2015 Readmission Application is now OPEN.


Application Deadlines for Regular Readmission

  • The deadline for Summer 1 Term applications is May 13 at 5pm.
  • The deadline for Summer 2 Applications is June 22 at 5pm.
  • The deadline for Fall is July 20 at 5pm.

All applications for readmission are subject to a $50 application fee.  No application can be considered until the fee is paid.  This fee is non-refundable.


ALL applications for readmission are subject to review by the Campus Safety Committee.


Please Note: The deadline for appeals for the 2015 Summer/Fall terms has passed.
All appeal packets for students appealing academic suspension for Spring 2016 readmission are due by October 15th at 5 p.m. This deadline applies only to students who are under academic suspension. All other suspensions abide by the standard deadlines. Please review the information for Suspended Undergraduate Students to see if you qualify to take DE courses during the term(s) of your suspension.


Undergraduate Students & Students in the Agricultural Institute


You are eligible to apply for readmission into a degree-seeking program if you fall into one of the following categories:


If you have further questions about readmission to NC State, please view the Readmission Rule on the Policies, Regulations, and Rules site.


Non-Degree Studies


Students not admitted into a degree-seeking program should visit our Non-Degree Studies site for additional information.  This also applies to students who have previously graduated from NC State University and wish to take additional courses.


Graduate Students


If you are instead a returning GRADUATE STUDENT, please DO NOT submit an application for readmission.  Graduate students returning from a previously approved leave of absence at the approved time should contact their academic program department prior to attempting to enroll in classes.  Graduate students who have stopped-out without a prior approved leave of absence or are attempting to return in an academic term later than previously approved must submit a new application to the Graduate School due to a break in residency and non-compliance with continuous registration requirements.  The following links provide contact information for your academic program:


Graduate Program Directors Contact Information
Graduate Program Secretaries Contact Information