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Building Abbreviations

Abbrev Building Name Abbrev Building Name
BI Biltmore Hall MN Mann Hall
BM Bureau of Mines MRC Larry K. Monteith Engineering Research Center
BOS Bostian Hall N Nelson Hall
BR Broughton Hall NIN 1911 Building
BS Brooks Hall OBR 219 Oberlin Road
BTC Biomanufacturing Edu. & Training Ctr. OWN Owen Residence Hall
BU Burlington Nuclear Labs PA Page Hall
BUT Bulter Communication Building PH Peele Hall
CAC Case Athletic Center PK Polk Hall
CAL Caldwell Hall PMC Price Music Center
CF1 Carter Finley Stadium (and C. Richard Vaughn Towers - Press Box) POE Poe Hall
CG Carmichael Gymnasium PPL Pulp and Paper Labs
CH Clark Hall PS Park Shops
COL Reynolds Coliseum PT Patterson Hall
COX Cox Hall PT1 Partner's I Building
DAB Dabney Hall PT2 Partner's II Building
DAN Daniels Hall RA Research Annex West A
DC David Clark Laboratories RB1 Research I
DHL D.H. Hill Library RD Riddick Hall
DNX Design Annex RDA Riddick Annex
DSW D.S. Weaver Labs RE2 Research II
EC Erdahl-Cloyd Wing RI Ricks Hall
EB1 Engineering Building I RME Ruby McSwain Educational Center
EB2 Engineering Building II SAS SAS Hall
EB3 Engineering Building III SC Scott Hall
ECH Early College High School Building SFS Schaub Food Science Building
EXE Executive Conference Center SHC Student Health Center
FH Field House SW1 2806 Hillsborough St. - Building A
FLB Flex Lab Building SW2 2806 Hillsborough St. - Building B
FOX Marye Anne Fox Sci Teaching Labs THM Thomas Hall
FYC First Year College Commons T Tompkins Hall
GA Gardner Hall TEX College of Textiles
HA Harrelson Hall TH Turner House
HLB Hillsborough Building TOX Toxicology Building
HUNT James B. Hunt Jr. Cent. Campus Library TPS Thompson Hall
HWP Hodges Wood Products Labs TUC Tucker Residence Hall
JOR Jordan Hall VC1 Venture Center I
JHA Jordan Hall Addition VC2 Venture Center II
KAM Kamphoefner Hall VC3 Venture Center III
KI Kilgore Hall VET Vet School Main Campus
KS1 Keystone Science Center WI Withers Hall
LAU Language and Computer Labs WMS Williams Hall
LEE Lee Residence Hall WN Winston Hall
LEZ Leazar Hall WSC Witherspoon Student Center
MCK McKimmon Center WSL Winslow
MET Metcalf Residence Hall