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Using the New Degree Audit

Include Planned Courses check box.

  1. Include Planned Courses: When this box is checked, the degree audit will display courses you have planned , but have not yet taken. If this box is unchecked, the degree audit will not include planned courses.

Degree audit, part 1: Total Units, GPA, and Requirement Details

  1. Total Units: This shows a detailed breakdown of the student's hours at NC State.
  2. Cum GPA/Major GPA: Convenient access to both a student's cumulative and major GPA - clicking on Major GPA will provide an itemized list of courses in the student's major.
  3. Rqmnt Details: Clicking on this link will provide a list of courses that can be used to satisfy a requirement.
  4. Req. Term: This designates the set of degree requirements in effect for this student. Usually, this is the approved set of degree requirements in effect at the time of the student's admission
  5. Last Updated: The last time this student's degree audit was updated to include changes to the student's record.

Degree Audit, part 2: Verify requirements and min. hours required.

  1. Verify: Indicates that the requirement mandates no specific course units and can be satisfied by a course that also satisfies some other degree requirement. These are sometimes referred to as co-requirements. Students will want to plan carefully to enroll in courses that can satisfy both a degree requirement and are on the list of courses that can satisfy a specific Verify requirement.
  2. Minimum Hours Required: The total hours needed to satisfy the requirements of a specific major. Planned courses will also fill this requirement, but the requirement is not satisfied until planned courses have been completed, and a green check mark appears on the requirement.
  3. Numeric Reference: These numbers designate blocks of requirements.
  4. Numeric Reference: These numbers designate specific requirements within a block. This number will also indicate which completed or planned courses can satisfy that requirement.
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