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Managing Your FERPA/Privacy Settings

What is FERPA?

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you have the right to restrict all or parts of your directory information. If you wish to restrict your directory information, you can do so in your MyPack Portal.

Please note: Your academic and financial records are always kept confidential, unless you give explicit permission for them to be released. If you need to grant access to these records to parents or guardians, please see our tutorial.

How do I change my settings?

Under the FOR STUDENTS tab in MyPack Portal, select Privacy Settings. You should see an explanation of your FERPA rights, followed by your current restriction status:

If you wish to modify your current settings, click "Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions". You will be presented with your options for restricting your information:

Options for restricting directory information.

  1. These buttons let you easily choose to restrict all your directory information or release all of your directory information.
  2. If you chose to restrict all information with a full privacy block, you'll see this: Full privacy block with hyperlink for releasing information for publication.
    You can use the "Release to Publication" link in order to allow NC State to release your information for things like: Dean's List, Enrollment Verifications, and Graduation. If you do not decide to release for publication, your name will not appear in these publications.
  3. Click here to restrict only your preferred email from release.
  4. Click here to restrict your campus and/or mailing address from release.
  5. Click here to restrict only your preferred phone number from release.

Remember to click Save after you've made your choices!