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Using the Degree Planner - Advisors

The Plan History tab of the degree planner displays the student's planned courses for future semesters:

Advisor's view of the degree planner.

  1. Semester Plan: This tab displays the student's completed and planned courses by semester.
  2. Student Career: This allows advisors to view planned courses in the student's Undergraduate or NDS careers.
  3. Check All Requisites: Clicking here provides a list of all requisites, met and unmet, for the student's planned courses. The advisor can use this to make sure that the student is planning to meet the necessary requisites in a timely manner.
  4. View Comments: This shows the history of comments made by students and advisors.
  5. Add Comment/Email: This allows the advisor to add a comment, which will be sent to the student as an email.
  6. Mark as Reviewed: Clicking here will indicate on the Plan Status page that the plan has been reviewed.

Printable version here.

See the video tutorial for the student degree planner here (3:57).