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Late Enrollment (Registration)

2015 Summer & Fall Terms

  Summer I Summer II Fall
Enrollment (Registration) Begins March 18 March 18 March 18
Late Enrollment (Registration) April 23 June 2 July 21
Tuition Due Dates: May 5 June 11 July 31
Last Day To Enroll: May 20 June 29 Sept. 1

Please enroll (register) for your courses prior to the late enrollment date for a given term to avoid a $100.00 late enrollment fee*. If you enroll during the late enrollment period, payment of tuition and fees will be requested at the time of enrollment.


Enrolling for classes after the last day to enroll for a given term is strictly prohibited. In order to enroll after this day, students will need permission from the dean of their college and will be subject to additional late fees.


General Information

Please keep in mind that enrolling for a course creates a financial and academic commitment to NC State University. Failure to attend or pay for a course does not automatically result in the course being dropped from your schedule and may result in late payment penalties and failing grades on your permanent record. You must follow official procedures to drop a course in order to avoid any further obligations for that course.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Department of Registration and Records at (919) 515-2572.


*UGS, PBS, Inter-Institutional, new undergraduate and new graduate students are excluded from the $100 late fee, however, these students are subject to the $250 late fee if they enroll for the first time after the last day to enroll.