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Room Descriptor Codes

Code Description
51 Moveable Tablet Arm Chairs
52 Fixed Tablet Arm Charis
53 Individual Tables & Chairs
54 Fixed Tables with Chairs
55 Auditorium Tablet Chairs
56 Continuous Tables with Fixed Chairs
57 Conference Table and Wall Seating
58 Conference Table
59 Moveable Continuous Tables with Chairs
61 White Board
62 Chalkboard
81 Slide Projector
82 Smart Board - White Board Capture
83 Smart Board - Computer Annotation
84 Wireless Communication (Nomadic)
85 Voice Amplification
86 Program Sound/Amplifier
87 Multiple Projection Screens
88 VCR
89 DVD
90 Projector with laptop connector (may need own cable)
91 Teaching Computer and projector (connected to Internet)
92 Document Camera and Projector

Enter required feature(s) for a course on the Meetings tab in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

If you are requesting a room assignment for a course and one or more these features are desired, please enter the 2 digit code in the Meeting tab in Maintain Schedule of Classes for that course. Please be sure that the characteristics requested are needed for instruction since there is limited availability of rooms having more than 2 or 3 of these characteristics.

Note: Please do not use any old codes from previous room characteristics lists.