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Scheduling - Classroom Information and Resources

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Main Campus Map

This map, created by Facilities provides an overview of main campus and the location of all classroom buildings, excluding those on Centennial Campus.

Campus Time Schedule

This is the time schedule for both main and centennial campus. Scheduling Officers must follow these time periods when scheduling their departments courses. If courses need to be taught outside of these time periods, a "Non-standard meeting time" request form needs to be submitted during semester start-up period. These forms are then reviewed by the University Registration, Records and Calendar committee.

Class Tech Rooms

This website is hosted by Information Technology Division and details the upfitting of classrooms on campus with learning technology such as teaching computer stations, document cameras and DVD players. The classroom technology project is expanding and will eventually include over 80 "110" classrooms on campus. Visit this website for a tour.

Accessibility Map

A map of accessible routes around campus for those students, faculty, or staff with disabilities.

Classroom Standards

These are classroom design and construction plans for when "110" classrooms are first built. All of these standards must be taken into account with building a classroom.

Campus Bond Buildout

A schedule of bond construction on campus, including when buildings are coming offline for construction and when newly renovated buildings will again be available for scheduling.

Classroom Environment Committee (CEC)

The committee  is charged with providing the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business with student and faculty concerns about classroom facilities and equipment needed for their effective use.  In turn, the committee will relate to the faculty and student body the practical aspects of managing physical facilities including those related to fire and insurance regulations, resource  availability, etc. 

Facilities' Architectural, Engineering, and Real Estate System (AERES)

The Facilities record data source for NC State University. A web-based Facilities Information library system in which users can easily find and utilize University Facilities data, documents and mapping, such as: building and room information, architectural, engineering, real estate or project documents, and view, print and export them on their own computer. Geographic Information System capability, construction project schedule of values, classroom, hazardous material and utility data will be available for use in fiscal year 2005-6. User account and login password access is required.

Undergraduate Course and Curricula Forms

A link to the Provost's site. All course and curricula changes must be approved by the Provost upon recommendation from the University Standing Committee on Courses and Curricula. The link directs you to the appropriate forms to initiate these actions.

Graduate Course and Curricula Forms

A link to the Graduate School's Course and Curricula Forms.

Graduate Faculty List

This is a list of all graduate faculty approved to teach graduate-level courses.