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Who should I call?

  • For Veterans' Certification: Bill Doey; 515-3048
  • For Readmission, Inter-Institutional and CRC questions: Jordie Shaw; 515-1496
  • For Scheduling: Li Marcus; 515-2577
  • Room Reservation: Lindsey Mihalov; 513-2382
  • Degree Audit Questions: John Harrington; 515-5600
  • Security and Student Groups Questions: Tracey Wise, 515-3084
  • For all other questions, including transcripts, registration, Non-Degree Studies, and graduation, please call: 515-2572.


Staff Listing

Registration/Student Services - 515-2572
Name Email Phone
Associate Registrar (Registration, Records, NDS, Transcripts, Degree Audit, CODA, and Veterans Affairs)
Charles Clift 515-1863
       Degree Audit & CODA Coordinator.
John Harrington 515-5600
Student Services & Graduation Clearance Manager
Ida James 513-0642
       Student Service Representative
Alexandra Hergeth  
       Student Service Representative
Hillary Scales  
       Student Service Representative
Angela Woodard  
       Student Service Representative
Pam Van Emden  
VA Certification
Bill Doey 515-3048
Scheduling and Communication - 515-2572
Position Name Email Phone
Associate Registrar (Class and Event Scheduling, Course Catalog, Communication, Freshman Pre-Registration, Readmission, II/CRC, and SIS Training)
Brittany Mastrangelo 515-1429
University Scheduling Officer/Course Scheduling
Li Marcus 515-2577
       Event Scheduler
Lindsey Mihalov 513-2382
Readmissions & II/CRC Coordinator
Jordie Shaw 515-1496
Publication, Communication, & Website
Jennifer Carter 513-2381
Reporting, Security, and Data Administration - 515-2572
Position Name Email Phone
Senior Associate Registrar (Reporting, Security, and Data Administration)
Michelle Johnson 515-1618
Security and Student Groups
Tamara Watts 513-0125
Business and Technology Applications Analyst
Jie Xiao    
Data Reporting
Eric Poirier    
SIS Test Score, Calendar, Security and Structure Setup
Tracey Wise  
Position Name Email Phone
Vice Provost of EMAS; University Registrar
Louis D. Hunt, Ph.D.    
Senior Associate Registrar
Michelle Johnson  
Executive Assistant
Teresa Dail 515-1491
Director of Commencement
Martha O'Donnell