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Certification/Verification of Enrollment

Online - Current Students

Current students may access the National Student Clearinghouse via MyPack Portal to obtain a verification of enrollment. There is no charge for this service


In Person/By Mail - Current/Former Students


All deferment forms received at Registration and Records will be forwarded to the National Student Clearinghouse, unless they are for summer enrollment. Summer enrollment forms will be processed at Registration and Records.


Dean Certification

Dean certification forms should be sent to Registration and Records for completion.


Enrollment Verification

Students, parents, and state agencies of North Carolina may send necessary verification forms and requests to Registration and Records for completion. All others should contact the National Student Clearinghouse.


Semester Beginning/Ending Dates

NC State University semester beginning and ending dates (pdf) may be needed for certification/verification.

Note: While Registration and Records does not charge a fee for processing forms in our office, the National Student Clearinghouse may charge for their services.