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Enrollment (Registration) Instructions

  • Access to enrollment (registration) requires that you meet with your advisor prior to your enrollment date so the advisor can release your Advising Hold ( P ersonal I dentification N umbers are no longer used).
  • Enrollment (Registration) occurs through MyPack Portal.
  • When your enrollment window opens, click on the MyPack Portal icon to the left.
  • Access to MyPack Portal requires a valid Unity/EOS ID and password.
  • Directions for obtaining your Unity ID can be found online.
  • Once you have entered your log-in and password, select Enrollment from the Enrollment menu in Student Self Service or the For Students tab.
  • After doing so, submit the information.
  • You may now proceed to add and drop courses by their class subject, number, and section.
  • If you do not know the Class ID Number(4-5 digit number) you are intending to enroll (register) for, you can use the search feature.
  • To search:
    1. Select the Class Subject from the drop down menu box.
    2. You can choose to search for a specific Course Number or number range and by Career Level (Undergraduate, Graduate, etc.).
    3. Once you have entered this information, click SEARCH.
    4. Courses will appear in the bottom window. Click the SELECT button beside the course you wish to take.
    5. You will be asked to confirm class information.
    6. To finish adding, you will click FINISH ENROLLING.
  • To protect the privacy of your records, always close out your browser when you are finished.