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Unity ID

Unity ID| Password| Password Security

Additional information is available on the ITD Computing Essentials website.


Unity ID

Each person affiliated with NC State University is assigned a Unity ID and password. Your Unity ID and password allow you access to NC State e-mail, computing labs, MyPack Portal, etc.

Your Unity ID was produced by Information Technology Division. Your Unity ID is never longer than 8 characters and is automatically generated from your name in a two-step procedure:

  1. A string of letters is created using the initials of your first and middle names and the first six letters of your last name, all in lower case.
  2. If this string matches one previously created for someone else, the last letter will be replaced with or followed by a numeral.

New undergraduate NC State students can find their Unity ID in WolfPAW. Log in to WolfPAW and view "Application Status."

All other students should contact the NC State Help Desk at (919) 515-HELP for assistance with their Unity ID.



Your initial (default) password is an 8-digit number composed of:

  • the last four digits of your campus ID* number followed by
  • the four digits of your birth month and day
    • For example, if your campus ID number ends in 1234 and your birthday is January 31, then your initial password is 12340131.
  • If it becomes necessary to reset your password, the default will be used.

New undergraduate NC State students can find their Campus ID* in WolfPAW. Log in to WolfPAW and view "Application Status."

*Although WolfPAW actually lists Student ID number, for the majority of students their Student ID number is the same as their Campus ID number.

Contact the Information Technology Division helpdesk at (919) 515-HELP if your password is not working.


Password Security

NC State encourages all students to change their password each semester. Since your initial password is determined by formula, it is essential that you change your password before the beginning of your first semester at NC State. This will help protect your academic and personal information.

You can change your password online. For more information on password security, please visit the ITD Computing Essentials website.