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Tips For Waitlists

  • Students cannot add to waitlists after the first day of classes.
  • Some sections are restricted, but the system will allow you waitlist a course even if you do not meet the requirements. It is possible the restriction will not be lifted by the department, which means you will not move into the course if any seats open. You may need to search for another course or contact the department to ask if the restriction will be lifted by the fifth day of class (second day for summer session).
  • If you are enrolled in one section and waitlisted in another section of the same course, the system will not move you into the section you want until you drop the section for which you are enrolled. Remember: you can use the SWAP tab to switch one section of a course for a waitlisted section. By doing this, you will not be dropped from the section on your schedule unless the system can add you from the waitlist.
  • Remaining on a waitlist might be worth the risk if you are at the top of the waitlist, but remember that if you drop from a section and no seat becomes available in the desired course, there is no guarantee you can re-enroll in the first section.
  • It might be better to drop yourself from a waitlisted section and attempt to SWAP the section for which you are currently enrolled with another section that is open.
  • You may not move off the waitlist for a lecture if the lab or problem session sections are
    still closed. The system must be able to enroll you in both the lecture and lab or it will not process this transaction. You may need to choose a lab that has available seats or contact the department for assistance if no seats are open.