Student Research

NCSU College of Textiles' Dr. Keith Beck (left) works with students Jason Rochette and Lina Cårdenas. 

Recent student research projects include:

  • Archeological digs to learn about past cultures, societies and the evolution of life on Earth
  • Designing complementary art for unique architectural settings
  • Developing new ways to manage wildlife and plant populations and their habitats
  • Studying ancestral lineages using the tools of modern genetics
  • Defining product design based on marketing data
  • Finding ways to grow more food on less land with less water, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Predicting stock market shifts based on uncertainties of the past four years
  • Developing inexpensive textile fibers that are soft, durable and easily cleaned
  • Engineering nano-machines for administering small, yet potent, amounts of drugs into the body