Earthworm Animation

Creating and Animating the Camera

There are many different ways you can animate the camera. You can even use multiple cameras and switch between them in Video Post.

I used the stair-step function between keyframes to simulate cutting to a second camera.

You can animate the lens, the target, or the position of the camera.

I favor using a long format because the worm is so long.

The yellow lines indicate the camera's safe frame.

Creating the Lights

Create 2 directional lights, above and below the horizon.

Set the upper light Multiplier .75 with Overshoot on.

Set the lower light to Multiplier .5 with Overshoot on.

The final lighting result:

Creating the AVI Movie

Your last step is to render the animation and save to an avi file format. This will take several hours so be sure the computer will be available.

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6/27/00 Michele Matossian