Scientific Visualization

Sample Lesson Plans, Design Briefs, Lesson Notes, and Projects

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   There are several different formats.  Lesson Plans are for short whole class activities.  Teacher notes, student worksheets etc are included.  Design Briefs are for longer student projects.  Lesson notes contain lesson and project ideas for teachers.

Special Topics in Scientific and Technical Visualization

Careers in Scientific and Technical Visualization

Career Lesson Plan
Career Profiles

Image Manipulation

Understanding Computer Images

Manipulating Computer Images

Color Principles

Working with Hue, Saturation and Value

Principles of Projection

Projection Principles

Presentation Design

Link to web page design notes

Link to graph design notes

Link to graphing notes - baseball data example

Link to notes on giving effective presentations

Physics Lessons

Simple Machines

Simple Machines Lesson Plan

Law of Reflection

Reflection Sample Project - Powerpoint Presentation

Reflection Design Brief

Modeling a Cannon

Cannon Animation Lesson Notes

Biology Lessons

Cells - The Fundamental Unit of Life

Cell Overdraw Lesson

2D Concept Visualization - Cell Organelles Presentation Lesson Plan

2D Animation of Cellular Processes

Healthy Hearts

Healthy Hearts Lesson Plan

Anatomy of an Earthworm

Earthworm Lesson Plan

Mechanisms of Exocytosis

Exocytosis Sample Project - Powerpoint Presentation

Exocytosis Lesson Plan

Evolution and Variation

Variation Lesson Plan

Virus Model

Virus Model Lesson Notes

MRI Scanning

Creating a 3D projection from MRI Scans

Earth and Environmental Science Lessons

Earth in Space

Charting Seasonal Change

Modeling the Earth's Movement in Space

Half-life - Modeling Radioactive Decay

Half-life Lesson Plan

Creating Color Maps

Color Maps Lesson Plan

Graphing Earth Science Data

Graphing Data from the Mars Pathfinder Mission

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Lesson Plan

Pixel Activity

Chemistry Lessons


Graphing Data from the Periodic Table

Graphing Data from the Chemistry Laboratory

Modeling a Chemical Reaction
Chemical Reaction Design Brief

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