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Mars Pathfinder Mission Homepage
Links to mirror sites of the "official" Mars Pathfinder mission along with other resources.

Mars Pathfinder - Univ. of Washington K12 Page
A K-12 Outreach project on the Mars Mission Project from the U. of Wahington. Source of the Pathfinder and Viking temperature data used in the workshop.

Mars Pathfinder - Live from Mars (NASA)
A K-12 Outreach project by NASA on the Mars Pathfinder mission. Contains basic science background information on Mars and the mission, along with Q&A pages and the chat room designed for students.

AstroEd: Astronomy Education Resources
A K-12 Outreach project by the HPCC/ESS group at U. of Washington. Includes links to a considerable number of images and curriculum materials.

StarChild: A learning center for young astronomers
Sponsored by HEASARC/LHEA at NASA. Contains basic information on topics in astronomy and astrophysics along with links to related sites.

Compton Observatory Science Support Center
Data sets from the Compton Observatory and other sources. Includes data from space probes such as Pioneer and KONUS.

Welcome to the Planets
Interactive tour of the planets from the Jet Propulsion Lab/NASA.

NASA Photo Gallery
"Best-of" collection of images from NASA.

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Structural Biology Collection- U. of Illinois
Sites at the Univ. of Illinios on modeling biological structures. Includes both still images and animations of the 3-D models.

Introduction to Viruses- Bowling Green Univ.
An introductory tutorial to viruses at Bowling Green Univ.

Virus Modeling - U. of Wisconsin
Sites at the University of Wisconsin with example 3-D models of viruses.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A great many links to disease and virus related sites.

Institute for Animal Health
General listing of virology and disease research sites.

An interesting discussion of some possible career paths in computer graphics.

Chemistry - Molecular Modeling

Periodic Table - WebElements
The oldest and one of the best interactive periodic tables. Good source of example visualization techniques to use with periodic table related data.

The Periodic Table of the Elements on the Internet
Interactive periodic table developed in NC especially for high school students.

A Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Interactive periodic table sponsored by Los Alamos Laboratories.

Chemistry Visualization project at NCSA

Curriculum Materials
The Chemistry Visualization program at NCSA (ChemViz) is a program which uses the power of the world wide web in combination with the power of the SGI supercomputer to generate images of atoms, molecules and atomic orbitals. I believe you have to apply for permission to use their site. Inlcudes curriculum materials associated with the Chem Viz project.

Math, Molecules, & Modeling for K-12 (MathMol)

K12 Science, Math & Modeling Sites
K-12 MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules) is designed to serve as an introductory starting point for students and teachers interested in the field of molecular modeling and its relationship to mathematics.

BioTech-Chemistry Information
BioTech is a hybrid biology/chemistry educational resource and research tool on the World Wide Web. BioTech is intended to be a learning tool that will attract students and enrich the public's knowledge of biology issues in the world today. At the same time, BioTech is also a research tool for those already involved in the broad subject of biology.

Viewing Proteins: Enter the Connection!
Source for molecular viewers (including RasMol) for your browser and an overview of the Chemical MIME project.

Chemical Object Test Page
Part of the Chemical MIME project which helps provides tools, sample molecules, and defines data formats for displaying 3-D interactive models of molecules online. Source for the RasMol software.

Klotho: Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database
Database of biochemical compounds which can be viewed with RasMol.

ChemEd: Chemistry Education Resources
A K-12 Outreach project by the HPCC/ESS group at U. of Washington. Includes links to a considerable number of images and curriculum materials.

Representation Models in Molecular Graphics
Nice overview (with images) of various visualization techniques from U. of Geneva.

Resources for Chemistry (Berkeley)
General resources and links. Includes some visualizations.

Gateway to Physical Chemistry
The Senses Bureau at the University of California, San Diego, is actively pursuing ways to bring dynamic multimedia content into the chemistry classroom. In the 1994 Winter Quarter, we presented an entire multimedia course in Physical Chemistry of Life and the Environment.

Chemistry animations & movies
The Chemist's Art Gallery containing spectacular visualization and animations in chemistry done at the Visualization and Animation Laboratory at CSC by the Visualization Group.

University of California - Berkeley  Chemical Education Resources

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry

Center for Polymer Studies - K12 Visualization Colab Project

Center for Polymer Studies Homepage

B.U. Center for Polymer Studies:Projects

The Center for Polymer Studies (CPS), a scientific visualization research center in the Physics Department at Boston University devoted to interdisciplinary research in aspects of polymeric, random, or fractal systems. CPS utilizes expertise in interdisciplinary physics research to develop experimental and computational materials for K-12 and undergraduate education.

Patterns in Nature 1996
Program co-sponsored by CPS (includes conferences) looking at fractal systems in nature and how they can be explored in k-12.

Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project

Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project Homepage
The Learning Through Collaborative Visualization Project (CoVis). Today, CoVis is comprised of thousands of students, over one hundred teachers, and dozens of researchers all working together to find new ways to think about and practice science in the classroom. The CoVis Project is part of the Learning Sciences Program at the The School of Education & Social Policy, Northwestern University

Visualization in the CoVis Project
Visualization software developed by the CoVis Project.

Drawing Visualizations
Sample classroom activity. Nice in that it centers around giving a general introduction to visualization without the need for computers.

Design and Sketching

Sketching References
Resources on sketching.

Egg Drop Design Problem
Examples of how schools have used the Egg Drop design problem.

ExploreNet - Sci+Math Resource Index

Explorer Home Page - Sci+Math Educ Index
The Explorer is a collection of educational resources (instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans ...) for K-12 mathematics and science education. You may browse through mathematics and science education curricula (we plan to expand to other curricula) or conduct searches that focus on specific interests.

Graph of time in the day

Constructing Graphs

Force Table Lab
Example curriculum material from Explorer.


Geological Sciences - Mapping

ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Institute - GIS and Mapping Software

USGS: Geo Data

USGS-Digital Elevation Model of the World

USGS:Data Sets
Sources for geoscience data: digital elevation models, land use, political boundaries, etc.

Predictive Intensity Maps

Strong Motion Data (Earthquakes)
Earthquake related visualizations.

GLOBE Project

Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) is a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment. Sponsored by NOAA and Al Gore.

GLOBE Visualization Home Page
Visualizations based on student-collected data.

GLOBE Student Data Server
Database of environmental data from participating schools. Varies in quality, but lots of it.

Marine Science

Buoy Locations and Related information
Current data from the National Weather Service marine buoys. Archival data also available.

Sounding Skew-T Image Archive
The Research Data Program of NCAR developed the sounding image archive to facilitate the accessing of common sounding data information (i.e., skew-t plots and SUDS 'analysis' output).

NCAR Radar data w/movie radar
Data sets gathered as part of the WiSP (Winter Icing and Storms Project) project of ATD/NCAR.

Data available through Unidata
Atmospheric Data

UCAR Data Links
Atmospheric Data

Medical Imaging

The Visible Human Project

The Visible Human Project (US Nat. Lib of Med)
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) funded a project to develop a digital database of volumetric data representing a complete adult male and female. This scientific effort was named the Visible Human (TM) Project, and the contract for the development of the dataset was awarded to the University of Colorado Center for Human Simulation in Denver, Colorado. A primary objective of the project was to provide the radiologic and photographic definition of a complete, human male cadaver at a resolution of 1mm in all three dimensions. The female cadaver would be done at a later time. The project seeks to develop a computer database of human anatomy for visualization in teaching and research.

The Interactive Volume Browser (Volume Rendering)
Interesting interface for exploring the Visible Human database.

Medical Imaging Internet Resources
Very large index of hospitals, universities, and research inst. with medical imaging information. Worldwide.

Medical Image Engine Home Page
Image Engine is a multi-user, objected-oriented, client-server database system for the storage, retrieval, integration and sharing of a wide range of medical images. In addition to providing integrated access to digital still and video images the system will dynamically link these images to textual reports in a hospital information system. The Image Engine project is at U. of Pittsburgh and supported by the National Library of Medicine.

3D Virtual Colonoscopy
An interesting (!?!) application of visualization with a virtual model. This project employs advanced visualization techniques for the imaging of the human colon. The data sets that have been used in our experiments include the Visible Human and a simulated plastic pipe.

The Advanced Medical Imaging Laboratory (AMIL)
AMIL, Advanced Medical Imaging Laboratory, is located in Baltimore, Maryland at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine's Department of Radiology. This lab has produced several interactive multimedia programs dealing with the presentation of Computed Tomography towards the education of radiologists. One major project on the south side of AMIL is an interactive CD-ROM called CT the Game.

3D Liver visualization for surgical planning
Visualization technique developed for surgical pre-planning.

Cognitive Science Branch (US Nat Lib of Med)
Resources link provides example teaching material for the medical sciences.


Physics 2000
This site has really cool interactive visualizations to help students learn physics.

Virtual Reality

Open Virtual Reality Testbed
Government organization (NIST) looking to help set data standards for VR. Links to interesting VR projects and examples.

Really 3D: Data Visualization and Virtual Reality
Somewhat thin overview of the benefits of Visualization and VR techniques. Some interesting links.

NCSA VR Lab Home Page
The NCSA Virtual Reality (VR) laboratory is a research facility engaged in the exploration of new methods of visualizing and interfacing with scientific data and simulations. This exploration is done in conjunction with researchers who want to investigate their science using interactive and immersive technologies. The laboratory is located in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology on the University of Illinois campus.

Virtual Reality Images-NASA/Ames
Sample VR images produced at NASA/Ames.

Virtual Presences
Homepage for Virtual Presences - a  VR company.

Visualization Tools

IBM Visualization Data Explorer (DX)

Data Explorer Workshop
The IBM Visualization Data Explorer (Data Explorer or simply DX) is a general-purpose software package for data visualization and analysis. Example images created with this powerful (and computationally demanding) software package. Second link is for a comphrehensive tutorial developed at Cornell.

NIH Image Home Page
Source for latest copy of NIH Image. Includes links for interesting images and related software, including Windows based imaging packages.

Molecular Graphics Software
Source for RasMol and related software.

Weather - Water Resources

Storms - NCStormtracker
Storm data and and an interactive hurricane tracker map.

Northern Plains Flooding-NOAA
Special topics page at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration site on the flooding in North Dakota and Minn. in the Spring of 1997. Source of some of the data used in the Earth Sciences graphing example.

NOAA-Climate Page
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration page with links to climate data archives. Source of some of the data used in the Earth Sciences graphing example.

USGS - Water Resources of the United States
US Geologic Survey homepage for river, lake, and stream data. Some data is archived by the federal government. Other data is supplied through links to state and local government pages. Source of some of the data used in the Earth Sciences graphing example.

The Daily Planet - UofI
Homepage for the WeatherMachine, WeatherWorld, and related weather images from the U. of Illinois.

Guide to Weather Maps and Images (University of Illinois)
Nice overview of the types of imaging techniques used in weather forecasting. Can be used as instructional material. Includes descriptions of image generation techniques, what kind of data they collect, and how they compare to other techniques. Numerous sample images.

4/19/96 Severe Weather Outbreak Index

4/19/96 Severe Weather NEX images
An in-depth look at a particular weather event and how the data was gathered and analyzed.

UIUC CoVis Geosciences Web Server
This Web Server is provided by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS) at the University of Illinois (UIUC). The goal of this server is to not only benefit teachers and students in the CoVis community, but the entire Internet community as well, by providing them with resources and expertise to support project-based inquiry in geoscience education. Contains curriculum and instructional materials.

The MECCA homepage
The Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment, and industry consortium looking at global warming and related issues. Inlcudes world climate visualization database.

Data Available from ATD
Listing of field projects supported by ATD/Nat. Cntr. for Atmospheric Research(NCAR). Includes data sets.

Lightning Data Announcement

Other Sites of Interest

Exploring the Environment
This is a great problem based learning site with lesson modules that use remote sensing data.  The Mars Landing module contains an excellent tutorial for working with images using NIH Image.

NC Dept of Public Instruction's Curriculum Matrix
The Standard Course of Study for every subject and grade level plus links to other DPI sites of interest.

Learn North Carolina
This page has links to the Standard Course of study for North Carolina's K-12 academic subjects and other professional resources for teachers.

Scientific Visualization Sites
This page is an annotated bibliography of scientific visualization web sites around the world. It is a service of the NAS (Numerical Aerospace Simulation) Facility at
NASA Ames Research Center.

Lab for Scientific Visual Analysis
The Lab for Scientific Visual Analysis at Virginia Tech is an open lab for students and faculty. Its primary goal is to enable the engineer/scientist to better understand his/her data through the use of visual methods.

Image Processing Group, UMDS Home Page
The Image Processing Group [IPG] is an interdisciplinary research group based at UMDS, the United Medical & Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals. We are developing image processing and computer vision techniques, with a particular emphasis on medical applications.

Image Processing for Teaching
The Image Processing for Teaching (IPT) project at U. of Arizona has made a powerful new technology available as a learning tool. Students are given the tools to analyze and enhance digital imagery from every field of science, mathematics, and technology. They are empowered with open-ended opportunities for exploration, discovery, and quantitative analysis. Good example curriculum material, many of them based around NIH Image. Mini-grants are available.

Los Alamos Education
Resources for teachers and students

Los Alamos - Other Education Resources
Educational outreach program from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Includes listings of other resources and links.

Graphic Communications Program - NCSU
Includes links to an Introduction to HTML and tutorials on ProEngineer and AutoCAD.

Classroom Connect on the Net
A resource that will help you locate some of the most interesting and useful links.

Science Reference Shelf
Another page from SciEd, a K-12 Outreach project by the HPCC/ESS group at U. of Washington. Includes links to a considerable number of images and curriculum materials.

Project Skymath

Lawrence Livermore Lab Scientific Visualization Page
Links to other government sites doing visualization work and a summary of the visualization work being done at the lab.

Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Lab at Ga. Tech
Interesting site summarizing research work in visualization, including custom software tools they have developed.

Indexes/Search Tools

Alta Vista: Main Page


This is a particularly good search tool because the sites are filtered and rated by a research team.
This search engine uses the number of links to a site to rate the importance of sites and often finds exactly what you are searching for fast.  Try it!

Infoseek Ultra Searching

Lycos Search

MetaCrawler Searching

The World Wide Web Power Index from Web Communications

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: US Government Information Sources


Software Tools

AutoCAD - Autodesk

ClarisDraw - Claris
Claris is now Filemaker Inc.

DeltaGraph - Deltapoint

NIH Image - NIH

TriSpectives - 3D/EYE

TrueSpace - Caligari

3D Studio - Kinetix


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