$3,500 -- Bodzin, A., Curtis, D., Kali, Y. and Linn, M. Synergy Water
Quality Activity Design Framework. SCALE Collaboration grant proposal
funded by the Synergy Communities. The Synergy Communities project is
funded by the National Science Foundation.

Exploring Life: A 3-year project proposal to the National Science Foundation. Primary Investigator. ($941,852)
The Clipper Project: A Web-based Research and Development Initiative. A 5-year project proposal to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. ($675,000)

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Initiative on the Cost Effective Uses of Technology in Teaching Planning Grant, 1999. "FYEE@L: First year experience in Engineering at Lehigh" (1 year)($120,000)

Instructional Materials for Science Educators Resource CD-ROM. Submitted to the Philip Morris Incentive Grants Project. A. Bodzin, J. Park, M. Monro. ($5000.00)


Project S.S.C.A.R.S. Submitted to the South Carolina Department of Education EIA Competitive Teacher's Grant. A. Bodzin. ($1950.00)

Simulated Science Classroom For At-Risk Student. Submitted to the South Carolina Association For Educational Technology Grant program. A. Bodzin. ($1000.00)

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