The Calculator-Based laboratory (CBL) is a tool for collection, analysis, and display of data from experiments and demonstrations. The apparatus consists of a CBL unit, probes, and a graphing calculator. The CBL apparatus costs considerably less that the microcomputer-based laboratory counterpart which makes it an attractive alternative to the MBL. However, the CBL is limited in the data display alternatives, and cannot manipulate large amounts of data. Little research has been reported concerning the use of CBL in investigating science concepts, and the SERVIT group intends to pursue this research.

Possible research questions include:

1) What are the differences in student exploration and discovery using CBL as compared to equivalent MBL experiences?

2) At what age is the use of CBL appropriate?

3) What mathematics skills are learned while using CBL to investigate science concepts?

At this time, there is no one in the group actively doing research on this tool. If you have any suggestions for research, contact John C. Park, The SERVIT Group Leader.