The heart of SERVIT, Visual Instructional Technology, can easily be exemplified using Video and Multimedia. Although general educational research on television and has been going on since the invention of the CRT and magnetic tape, our research is specific to science instruction and learning, and interactivity between the user and the video system. At this time, we have little major research going on in this area, but we are very interested in pursuing it.

Possible research questions include, but not limited to the following:


1. What are the effects of sustained viewing of events on television and in the movies on the construction of science concepts in adolescence? For example, do students question the validity of an event after repeat cinema viewings of events which cannot possibly happen?

2. What parts of interactive software packages do students use the most when they are given the opportunity to use an interactive video station?

3. What methods of conceptual framework analyses can be used via the use of digitized video and software?

4. Are students effectively able to use digitized video clips of experiments for analysis? Do students experiment differently when using digitized clips vs. using actual apparatus?

The group members most interested in this research are Nina Morley, Lisa Grable, Mary Ellen Durham and John C. Park. Feel free to contact these members if you have any suggestions for additional research, or if you would like to collaborate on specific video projects.