The area of telecommunications is very broad and covers a variety of topics. There is much to research with the advent of e-mail in the late 1980's, and listservs, forums, and videocommunication in the 1990s. The World Wide Web integrates multimedia with telecommunications, which opens up a whole new world of instruction and learning.

This is an area in which many members of our research group are interested.
Some of the topics for research include:
1. Can electronic communication such as the Web Forum be an effective tool for supporting beginning science teachers?

2. How can scientific inquiry be fostered via activities on the WWW?

3. What positive aspects are gained through the use of collaborative student research with other school sites via the WWW?

4. What are effective web page designs to promote learning and teaching in science?

Members of the group interested in this area include Lisa Grable, Al Bodzin, April Cleveland, and John C. Park. If you have any ideas to share with the group about this topic, or would like to do some collaborative research, feel free to contact any of the members listed above.

Research Readings