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Forum and Seminar

The NC State Teaching Fellows program has a strong focus on enriching the typical teacher preparation that the university provides.  Each week there is a forum or seminar.  Forum is when all of the Teaching Fellows: freshmen, sophomore, and juniors meet as a large group for a topic important for all of them.


Possible Topics would be:

  • Understanding the Program and the course
  • Minority Achievement
  • Law Enforcement in the Schools
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Special Education
  • Administration
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • First Year Teacher’s Panel
  • Connecting with parents



Each of the cohorts also meet individually and have their own theme that they follow for an entire year.


The freshmen seminar classes are focused on introducing students to the academic and social systems of NC State and providing an introduction to the field of public school education. Some of the activities/topics included are:

  • Teaching Fellows 101
  • Leadership
  • Raleigh Resources
  • Designing your academic plan of work
  • Role of Teacher Education Program
  • Understanding TF Summer Enrichment Programs

The sophomore seminar classes are focused on the use of technology in the classroom.  Students get hands on experience making lessons that they really use in their future classroom and attend seminars such as:

  • Online Learning
  • SAS in Schools
  • Integrating Technology
  • Education web resources
  • Webquests

The junior seminar classes are focused on the realities of their future classroom.  Students will work on “Informal education” a.k.a. field trips that they will actually execute with their classmates. 

  • Legal Realities of Teaching
  • Resumes and Job Search Skills
  • Classroom Management that works
  • Informal Education Opportunities in NC

The senior seminar courses are designed to assist seniors in bridging their academic career with that of the real world. Activities/topics included are:

  • Student Teaching
  • Standard Course of Study, Curriculum and Textbooks
  • First Days
  • Demographics and Diversity
  • New Teacher Experiences
  • Building Relationships:                         Classroom, Community, Colleagues
  • Lessons in Leadership
  • Classroom Management:                             Time, Content, Pacing
  • Classroom Management:  Discipline
  • Developing Literacy Skills
  • Testing Issues
  • Administrative Perspectives
  • Challenges and Perseverance


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