NCSU Teaching Fellows

          State Activities

          These activities are run through the state office and are mandatory for all Fellows.

Discovery - Offers rising sophomores an amazing experience to see first hand all that North Carolina has to offer, from the mountains to the sea. Students travel on charter buses criss-crossing NC for seven days; the Fellows witness every possible area of North Carolina including industry, farms, high tech, corporate, and schools. The Teaching Fellows interact with students from other universities across the state to form bonds and learn from one another.  The Fellows begin to understand how very diverse North Carolina is and they will learn more about its resources, its people, and opportunities that exist for its residents.

Junior Enrichment –Rising juniors participate in an enrichment activity during the summer.  Students choose from a list of approximately thirty options-- ranging from a four day Outward Bound Course, to mountain relaxation excursions, to exploring the possibilities of outdoor education, to travel abroad experiences.

Junior Conference – This is an opportunity for rising juniors to attend a conference that focuses on diversity. NC teachers serve as facilitators and work with small groups of Teaching Fellows for them to better understand what teaching is all about.

Senior Orientation Week- Consists of a visit to schools and central offices within a school system.  Most of the opportunities are during spring break, but there are a few offered after spring semester.  Information about the participating school systems is available in early November and on-line registration also begins in early November. 

Senior Conference – This is a final three day conference for rising seniors that is focused on preparing students for the classroom. The senior conference is designed to take theory and translate it into practice; the Senior Conference is to help Fellows “survive and thrive,” while they explore current education policies and initiatives.


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