University Theatre
The Spyglass Seven



University Theatre presents a production
of The Spyglass Seven

Friday-Saturday September 6-7, 2013 at
7:30 pm and Sunday, September 8 at 2 pm
in the Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre, Thompson Hall

spyglass seven

Plan now to attend a unique and exciting event, the first ever production of a play by the winner of the Creative Artist Award in theatre-playwriting, The Spyglass Seven. Admission is $5, free with NCSU Id, open to community and students. Contact Ticket Central to reserve a ticket (even free tickets) at 919.515.1100


Written by Michael Seebold, who is majoring in English and Philosophy, the play is about a single night when a deceased Edgar Allen Poe is given the chance to find his soul mate. The eerie and thoughtful play will be performed on stage Sept 6-8, 2013 in the Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre.


Note: the photo is Edgar Allen Poe (not Michael!)  In giving Michael the award, theatre director John McIlwee said, "Michael’s work, The Spyglass Seven, is a one-act play of intriguing simplicity and strong melodrama that features the ghost of famed poet and author Edgar Allan Poe returning from the grave at the behest of his muse, Beauty. Wishing to spare him loneliness in death, Poe is given the task of finding his true ‘soul mate’ from the ghosts of seven important omen in his life. Michael has created a world of romance and mystery that explores the magnificent words of Poe applied to the situations and emotions of the women he knew and often loved. He has given us a view of Poe that allows the audience to span the arc of his literary genius throughout his life and he has done it with an entertaining conceit that has made his play this year’s (2012) Creative Artist Award winner in Theatre."




Cast of Characters:


Role Actor
Edgar Alllan Poe Matthew Hogan
Rufus Griswold Nat Conti
Beauty Diana Quetti
Nancy Richmond Erica Abed
Virginia Clemm Allison Hedges
Sarah Helen Whitman Megan Isabelle
Frances Osgood Jasmyn Morere
Elizabeth Ellet Vanessa Springs
Sarah Royster Blair Downs
Jane Stanard Yolanda Munoz
Stage Manager Antrone Burke
Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Thornton
Lighting Operator Nic Peaks
Sound Operator Kyle Bullins