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Main number 919.515.3927  
Fax number 919.513.2988  
Ticket Central 919.515.1100  
JOHN C. MCILWEE, Director of University Theatre, Thompson Hall 201 919.513.3069 John McIlwee
MIA SELF, Assistant Director Thompson Hall 201 919.515.3147 Mia
RACHEL KLEM, Acting Coach and Instructor Thompson Hall 201 919.698.3870 Rachel Klem
LAURA PARKER, Costume Shop Manager/Assoc Designer, Thompson Hall 304 919.515.2033 Laura Parker
ADRIENNE MCKENZIE, Costume Technician Thompson Hall 304 919.515.2033 Adrienne
DAVID JENSEN,  Technical Director, Thompson Theatres Thompson Hall 226 919.513.1592 David Jensen
JAYME MELLEMA, Scenic Designer/Scene Painter Thompson Hall 206 919.513.3567 Jayme Mellema
JOSHUA REAVES, Lighting and Sound Instructor/Designer, Assistant Director, Thompson Hall 217 919.513.3568 Josh Reaves
STEPHEN FRAUSTO, Assistant Technical Director, Thompson, Thompson Hall 226 919.513.3569 Frausto
ANDREW KORHONEN, Operations and Event Coordinator, Stewart Theatre (Temporarily at Thompson Hall) Thompson Hall 217 919.513.8318 Andrew Korhonen
DAVID JONES, Technical Director, Stewart Theatre, (Temporarily at Thompson Hall) Thompson Hall 221 919.515.3900 David Jones
KEVIN WRIGHT, Asst. Technical Director, Stewart Theatre, (Temporarily at Thompson Hall) Thompson Hall 221 919.515.0551 Kevin Wright
RON FOREMAN, Marketing, Special Projects and Graphic Designer, (Temporarily at Thompson Hall) Thompson Hall 116 919.513.3071 Ron Foreman
PHAL NGONG BUNTOUM, Housekeeper 919.515.3927 Phal

Mailing address:

Campus Box 7306, NC State University, Raleigh NC 27695

Thompson Theatre 2241 E Dunn Avenue, Raleigh NC 27695