Contract Information

Ticket Central Guidelines for Ticketing Events

In order for Ticket Central to sell tickets to your event, you must set up a meeting with the Director of Ticket Central. If you want Ticket Central to handle advance sales only - this meeting must take place no later than one week before you wish the tickets to go on sale. If you require the staff of Ticket Central to sell tickets in advance and at your event - this meeting must take place a minimum of three weeks in advance.


You will need to come to this meeting prepared. You should know the date, time, and location of your event, as well as the number of tickets you wish to sell, the prices, and the way you would like your ticket to read. Any additional information you can provide about your program would also be helpful.


If you have a University account and would like your revenue deposited directly into that account, you will need to provide us with your FAS number. If you would prefer a check be cut to your organization, we will need the following information: official address on file with the University for your organization, your bank and checking account information, and your Federal Tax ID number.


There should only be one person representing your organization. This person should be available to answer questions. This person is also the only person authorized to change information about the event, ask for reports, or request complimentary tickets.


If Ticket Central agrees to sell your tickets there will be a $100 setup charge for this service. In your initial set-up meeting you will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to all of the above information. In addition, you will agree that NO ONE ELSE will be selling tickets at the same time. This means that your organization cannot sell tickets out of your office or in other remote locations while we are representing your event. If at any time you break the contract it will become null and void, and Ticket Central will no longer represent your event.


NOTE: Ticket Central does offer a Ticket Printing Service. This is a service that may be requested, but is not guaranteed. Your event must be approved for ticket printing by the Ticket Central management.



All revenue processed by Ticket Central will be deposited into a ledger-9 clearing account. At the close of your event Ticket Central will transfer your revenue, less expenses, into the account you requested during your setup meeting. However, if necessary, Ticket Central will enter a check request. Your check should be ready within two weeks of the date requested.



Ticket Central will prepare a performance sales report for your event. This report should be available within three business days after the close of your event. This report will detail sales as well as expenses.



  • 3.0% of Total Revenue Processed by Ticket Central (5% for off-campus organizations)

  • 1.523% of total VISA income, plus $.11 per transaction

  • 1.645% of total Mastercard income, plus $.16 per transaction

  • 2.15% of total American Express income, plus $.06 per transaction

  • 3.0% of total Web Sale income (if web sales are requested and approved by management)

  • $.12 per ticket printed

  • $33.00 per person staffing the event (usually 3 people)
    • Note: This figure represents a three hour shift at $11.00/hour.


Revenue Before Expenses: $2,611.25


3% of Revenue Collected
2.150% of American Express ($19.25)
$.06/trans (1) $0.06 Total
1.523% of Visa ($799.00)
$.11/trans (40) $4.40 Total
1.645% of Mastercard ($254.50)
$.16/trans (13) $2.08 Total
3.000% of Web Sales ($120.00)
Staff Fees: $33.00 per person for each show (3)
Ticket Printing $.12 per ticket printed (715)
  Total Expenses



Internet Ticketing

Any organization may request to have their event sold online (in addition to at the counter). Requests for Internet Ticketing must be submitted during the setup meeting and must be approved by the management at Ticket Central. If approved, there will be a $25 setup charge for this service.


NOTE: There are per-ticket costs associated with purchasing tickets online. These per ticket costs are determined by Tickets.com (using the average ticket price) and collected by Tickets.com. None of this money is collected by Ticket Central. There is a $4 handling fee charged to customers, which is collected by Ticket Central (same as phone/mail orders).


Organizations may NOT set additional handling charges when selling tickets online. All Internet sales will be processed using a credit or debit card. These charges are subject to a 3.0% fee instead of the normal charges for transactions processed by the box office. See above for example.