Ticket Central

Ticket Printing Service

Ticket Central realizes that some organizations producing events would prefer to distribute their own tickets. The Ticket Printing Service may be requested by any organization, but it is not guaranteed. Organizations wishing to utilize our ticket printing service must have their event approved for this service by Ticket Central Management.


When an organization books a space for a ticketed event, they must schedule a meeting with the Director of Ticket Central to talk about their event. They should know which of the following services they would like to request before they schedule a meeting with the Director:


1. Ticket Central processes all sales and distributes all tickets. (See Contract Information)


2. The organization chooses to have Ticket Central print a select number of tickets, which the organization will then distribute.


Note: It is not possible to combine the two options mentioned above.


In the event that your organization wishes to use the ticket printing service, you will meet with the Director to determine all of the necessary information that needs to be printed on each ticket. Ticket Central will then take this information, design a ticket on the standardized ticket stock our office will supply, and print the desired number of tickets. This service has been designed for general admission events, and the process from start to finish should take about one week.


Once the tickets have been printed, Ticket Central will call the event coordinator to let them know that the tickets are available for pickup. The event coordinator will have to bring payment in order to pick up the printed tickets. Acceptable payment methods include: cash, check, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, or IDT. If using an IDT, the event coordinator should bring the billing information (contact name, address, phone number, account number, object code) to the initial setup meeting with Ticket Central.


There is a $50 setup charge for every event. Additional charges have been calculated based on the number of tickets being printed. The structure outlined below is the only way that we can offer this service - we cannot print any other number of tickets than what is listed below.


Number of Tickets Cost to Organization



NOTE: This service was created for organizations selling general admission tickets. Occasionally, management may approve a reserved seating event for ticket printing. Additional charges will apply for events with reserved seating.