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Tourism Extension in the News

What does ICAR and P1T have in common?

Just ask Dr. Duarte Morais. A new partnership with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and North Carolina State University was established recently. Several faculty members from the College of Natural Resources were invited to meet and make presentations to the two ICAR representatives.

Dr. Duarte B. Morais, Associate Professor of Sustainable Tourism and a Tourism Extension Specialist, was one of those invited to give a presentation. His topic, Tourism Extension's Vision, showed our current Tourism Extension's operating model, as a way to work collaboratively with ICAR and other colleges within North Carolina State University. Dr. Morais has already begun working on the possible implementation of the People-First Tourism (P1T) program in India. Click here to read more about this new partnership.

Personnel Changes in Tourism Extension

Tourism Extension is proud to announce the promotions of both Dr. Carla Barbieri and Dr. Erin Seekamp to Associate Professor. Dr. Barbieri and Dr. Seekamp joined with Dr. Duarte Morias in 2012 to form The Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management's Tourism Extension Team. Mary Lorscheider became the Administrative Assistant for Tourism Extension in 2014.

Tourism Courses to be offered Fall 2014

Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management

Instructors: Duarte Morais, D. Peroff

Course Description: Commercial recreation and the tourism industry, including its origin, present characteristics, behavioral foundations and societal impacts. Emphasis on recreation administration in the commercial sector.

Tourism, Poverty, and Health

Instructor: Duarte Morais

Course Description: Students will learn about the potential role of tourism in fueling equitable development and human health in destination communities, and about the factors that lead to negative social and economic tourism impacts. Students will learn about equitable community development, human health and well-being principles; and about how micro-entrepreneurs and host communities react to the challenges and opportunities posted by tourism development. The course is grounded in scholarly knowledge and is also unreservedly engaged in real life; accordingly, students will work on new ways to help under-resourced individuals pursue dignified livelihoods through tourism. Fieldwork outside of class is required, with a fee of $50.00. PRT majors and PRT minors only.

Conceptual Foundations of Recreation

Instructor: C. Barbieri

Course Description: Exploration of the conceptual foundations of leisure, recreations, sport, play, and work, the history of ideas in the field and the relationships of these ideas to contemporary professional and social problems. Restricted to PRTM masters and students and others by consent of the instructor. This course will be offered in an accelerated seven-week format.

Advanced Theories of Leisure

Instructor: Carla Barbieri

Course Description: This course is designed to examine theory as it can be applied to understanding of leisure behavior and parks, recreation, and tourism management research. The goal is to provide a foundation for identifying, evaluating, and applying theoretical perspectives to PRTM research. Students are expected to engage in a critical analysis of theory in PRTM. Ph.D. student

Qualitative Approaches to Recreation Research

Instructor: Erin Seekamp

Course Description: This course provides an introduction to post-positivist and interpretive paradigms as well as the management of qualitative data used in recreation-related research. The interpretive approach and the relationship between methods and research questions are examined along with an assessment of qualitative approaches and applied techniques for data management. Procedures for data analysis and interpretation, the role of the "self" in conducting research, and the issues and ethics that arise in using qualitative approaches are discussed.

Seminar In Recreation Research

Instructors: Myron Floyd, Carla Barbieri

Course Description: Research studies, scientific articles and progress reports on research effects presented and critically evaluated. Each student pursuing a doctoral degree is expected to take this offering four times for one hour of credit each time.


Study Finds Summer Camps Contribute $365 Million in Total Economic Impact to Western North Carolina

In partnership with the North Carolina Youth Camp Association and the American Camp Association, Dr. Michelle Gacio Harrolle and Dr. Samantha Rozier Rich conducted an economic impact study of summer camps in Western North Carolina. According to the study, residential summer youth camps in four western North Carolina counties (Buncombe, Henderson, Jackson and Transylvania) contribute $365 million in total economic impact to western North Carolina.The study also estimated a direct economic impact of $218 million, more than 10,000 full-time equivalent jobs created in addition to camp staff, $260 million in increased resident income, and $33 million in new tax revenues during the summer of 2010.

Click HERE to read more about the study and to access a complete copy of the final report.

Webinar Series Brings Agritourism Education

by Natalie Hampton, NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Communication Services, Perspectives Summer 2010

Tourism Extension specialists at N.C. State University attracted nearly 250 participants to a spring webinar series on agritourism. Dr. Samantha Rozier Rich along with Sue Colucci (area specialized horticulture Extension agent) and colleagues from Rutgers University, hosted the five-part series. "We are thrilled the webinars were such a success. While nothing can replace face-to-face workshops, the webinars provided an excellent alternative for sharing pertinent information in a time where travel is limited for both Extension professionals and others,” Rich said. Click HERE to read the entire article.


East Coast Agritourism Webinar Series

NC State University Tourism Extension teamed with colleagues from Rutgers University to offer a FREE webinar series on agritourism during March and April 2010. The East Coast Agritourism Webinar Series included five different sessions designed to provide an overview of important information related to agritourism. Recordings of these webinars are available for viewing.  Click HERE for detailed information about the sessions and links to the recordings!

Tourism Extension News Archive

The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at NCSU is excited to announce a faculty position at the Assistant or Associate level in Tourism Research and Extension.

Distance education courses focused on tourism to be offered via NCSU

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