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NCANA To Examine NC Agritourism Farms and Vineyards

NCANA LogoTourism Extension partnered with Martha Glass and the North Carolina Agritourism Networking Association (NCANA) to examine agritourism farms and vineyards in North Carolina. A total of 267 individuals responded, of which 195 provided agritourism activities in 2011.  Click HERE to view the full report or HERE to view a comparison report between the 2005 and 2011 survey results.


Increasing On-Farm Sustainability Through Agritourism Research (2010-2011)

Patterson Farms-Farmer eating strawberry

Tourism Extension recently completed a study that worked with 6 North Carolina farms to examine agritourism from the perspective of the visitor and of the farmer.

Click HERE to learn more about the study.

Click HERE to read the final report.


NC_camperEconomic Impact Study of Summer Camps in Western North Carolina (2010-2011)

In partnership with the North Carolina Youth Camp Association and the American Camp Association, Dr. Michelle Gacio Harrolle and Dr. Samantha Rozier Rich conducted an economic impact study of summer camps in Western North Carolina. According to the study, residential summer youth camps in four western North Carolina counties (Buncombe, Henderson, Jackson and Transylvania) contribute $365 million in total economic impact to western North Carolina.The study also estimated a direct economic impact of $218 million, more than 10,000 full-time equivalent jobs created in addition to camp staff, $260 million in increased resident income, and $33 million in new tax revenues during the summer of 2010.

Click HERE to read more about the study and to access a complete copy of the final report.


North Carolina Zoo Visitor Study (2011)

Tourism Extension conducted a year-long visitor study in 2011 to better understand visitors to the Zoo and gain insights into the visitor profile, their preferences, motivations, and experiences. The information gathered will help guide marketing efforts, as well as future development of services and offerings.


Using Reservation Data to Examine Visitor Demand and Marketing Effectiveness (2010)

Tourism Extension worked with a NC Bed and Breakfast to examine their on-line reservation data and explore current and future marketing strategies, based on the analysis. 


Using Visitor Preference Data to Guide Managerial Decision Making (2010)

In 2010, Tourism Extension conducted a visitor study for the NC Zoo to determine visitor preferences for new amenities and services that might be added to the NC Zoo in upcoming years.  The outcome of the study provided insights into visitor demand for future development, helping Zoo management make informed decision as to where to focus resources in the future.  For more information, click HERE.

North Carolina Birding Trail (2003-2011)

The NC Birding Trail is a state-wide comprehensive effort to link bird watchers to great birding sites, communities,  businesses and other local historical and educational attractions. To learn more, visit the NC Birding Trail Website.

Tourism Extension Needs Assessment (2006)

In 2006, two needs assessments were conducted to help set priorities for Tourism Extension. The Internal Needs Assessment contains information provided to us from within NC Cooperative Extension (for example, extension agents and other university extension departments). The External Needs Assessment contains information provided by partners and agencies across the state who work with Tourism Extension. Results of the needs assessments are below.

2006 External Tourism Extension Needs Assessment
2006 Internal Tourism Extension Needs Assessment

2006 Equestrian Report

In 2006, a state-wide survey of county needs regarding equine tourism was conducted. The resulting report is provided below.

Developing Equine Tourism Opportunities in North Carolina: An Online Survey of County Needs in 2006 




NC Hospitality Program Logo

North Carolina Hospitality

A customer service training program developed by NC Cooperative Extension and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism at NC State University. This program is designed for front line employees and small business owners. <read more >

Birder Friendly Business Logo

NC Birder Friendly

A training program developed by NC Tourism Extension and Audubon North Carolina to provide training, tools, and information to market local businesses and communities to birders as they travel the North Carolina Birding Trail. <read more >