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Creating Advertising that Sells by SMB Reviews (2014)

Advertising a Small Business by SMB Reviews (2014)

Advertising in a Nutshell by SMB Reviews (2014)

Advertising Your Business by SMB Reviews (2014)


Agritourism in New Jersey -Sustaining Farming on the Urban Fringe. The New Jersey - website of food and agriculture information. 2010-2014 José Cisneros

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture - Farmstay Manual (2012)

Rich, S. R., Tomas, S. R., Colucci, S., Komar, S., Schilling, B., & Carleo, J. (2010). Agritourism: Opportunities for farm diversification. Agricultural Publication AG-734-01. North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. 4pp.

Komar, S., Schilling, B., Carleo, J., Colucci, S., Rich, S. R., & Tomas, S. (2010). Is an agritourism venture right for your farm? FS1131. Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Rutgers University New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. (2010)

Agritourism: Five core pillars for success (2013)

Farm and County Tourism Based on Your Property by Karen Higginbottom, Paul Waight, & Carolyn Fausnaugh (2004)

Nature Based Tourism and Agritourism Trends by James A. Maetzold (2002)


Pick-Your-Own (U-Pick) Marketing [factsheet] By Matt Ernst & Tim Woods UK CES (2014)

So You Want to Start an Agritourism Farm? NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services - Agritourism Office publication (2005)

Is Agritourism Right for You?  by Bill Walker, New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Agritourism UK_CES (2011)

North American Farm Direct Marketing Association (2014)

Agritourism, Your Way:  A How-To-Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises.  (Prepared for the University of Georgia’s Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development and North Carolina State Cooperative Extension Services’ Business Side of Agritourism Program Series  Developed by K. Wolfe and G. Bullen.) (2009)

Agritourism in Focus: A Guide for Tennessee Farmers (Extension PB 1754)  (2005)

Western Profiles of Innovating Agricultural Marketing: Examples from Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism Enterprises. The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Publication AZ 1325. (2004)

Agritourism Best Management Practices and Plan of Operation  LSU Ag Center – Research and Extension. (2013)

National Extension Tourism (NET): Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook (available for download)  (2007)

Agri-Business Council of Oregon (2014)

University of Minnesota – Tourism Center (2014)

Utah State University: Extension – Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (2014)

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center: Iowa State University and USDA (2014)

Oklahoma Agritourism (2014)

The New Agritourism book: Hosting community & tourists on the farm and in the rural community (2008)

Promoting Tourism in Rural America (2013)

National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health Safety (2014)

An online resource for farmers, researchers, and policy makers: Beginning Farmers (2014)

Zoning and Health Considerations in Agritourism by Lisa Chase, Varna Ramaswamy, Steven Burr, Jascha Zeitlin, Gary Green, & Michael Dougherty Iowa State Univ., Vermont CES, Utah CES, & Wisconsin CES (2007)

Agritourism and Nature Tourism in California  University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 3484, George Holly and Ellie Rilla (2005)

How-To Guides for Successful Agritourism Enterprises (2009):

Blueways - Trail Development

Water Trails


Brochure Development

Michigan State University Cooperative Extension: Tourism (2014)

Business Plans

Business Plan Checklist

How to Write a Business Plan

Business Plan Outline

Business Start-up

NC Market Ready Extension Business Toolkit:

Small Business Start-Up Kit

Setting Up Your Own Business: Monitoring the Health and Growth of Your Business

Checklist For Going Into Business

Are You an Entrepreneur?


Life Advice About Running a Small Business

Zoning and Health Considerations in Agritourism

Coastal Tourism

Water Resources Planning Tools

Water Trails

Paddle Trail Development

1996 Angler Effort/Expenditures on New York’s Great Lakes Waters

Activities at Free Public Water Sites

Boating Patterns and Behavior

Boating Safety in Minnesota

Economic Impact of Lake Superior Fishing on Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior

Minnesota Boat Owners: A Summary of What They Are and What They Want

New York’s Great Lakes Angler Markets

Preferred Facilities/Services: Free Public Water Access Sites and Services

Providing Public Access in Coastal Areas: Options for Landowners

Recreational Boating: Lake Superior

Scenic Byways, Trails, and Corridors and Their Impacts
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Cultural and Historical Tourism

Customer Service/Customer Experience

Customer Service

Pine II, B. J., and Gilmore, J. H. (1999).  The Experience Economy:  Work is Theatre and Every Business a Stage.278 pages

Other Writings from Pine and Gilmore (of The Experience Economy)

Pink, D. H.  (2005).  A Whole New Mind:  Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.  Penguin Group, New York, NY, 275 pages
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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing (Business Management Series)

Direct Marketing of Ag Products to Tourists

Ace Components of Good Direct Marketing

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Economic Impact

Cost Benefit Analysis: Local Tourism Development

Economic Impact of Recreational Fishing on Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior

Economic Impact of Visitors to Your Community

Measuring Tourism Impacts at the Community Level

Measuring Visitor Expenses and Cost Benefit Analysis
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Farmer's Market

North Carolina Good Farmer's Market Practices
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Farmers' Market


Starting a Small Business: The Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility of Agricultural and Community Based Tours

Feasibility Analysis In Tourism

A Guide for a Feasibility Study of Recreation Enterprises
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Fee Hunting

Developing a Hunting Lease: Clemson University Fact Sheet

The Hunters' Guide to a Successful Hunt Lease: Agricultural Extension Service, The University of Tennessee

Economic Impacts 2006

Hunter Access Permission Card

Hunting Lease Liability Insurance

Hunting Leases

Active Outdoor Recreation Economy

Rural Landowner Liability for Recreational Injuries

N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: Welcome To Hunt NC Farmland

Hunting Leases: Considerations and Alternatives for Landowners

Hunters and Anglers in N.C. Sportsmen in NC Brochure
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Financial Management

Setting Up Your Own Business: Records and Bookkeeping

Setting Up Your Own Business: Financing Your Business

Setting Up Your Own Business: Glossary of Financial Management Terms

ABC’s of Borrowing

Sample Cash Budget

Small Business Financial Status Checklist

Financing For the Small Business

14 Survival Tips For Managing During Economic Downturns

Record Keeping in a Small Business

Management Through Figures in the Lodging Industry
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Handicapped/Disabled Tourists

Tips on Serving Patron With Special Needs
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Hospitality/Customer Service

Tourism Development: Your Place in Serving the Visitor

Tourism: Greeting the Guest

Courtesy is Contagious

Customer Service in a Changing World

Face to Face: Tourism Hospitality Training

First and Lasting Impressions

Good Customer Relations with Improved Personal Selling

Hospitality is Knowing Your Community

Hospitality is an Attitude

Planning the Hospitality Program

Planning the Hospitality Program: Content

Tourism Development: Your Place in Serving the Visitor

Customer Aftercare: How to Spend Less and Sell More

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Internet Marketing - Website - Social Media

E-Mail—The Most Important On-Line Communication Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox

Direct Your Web Site to a Directory

Successful Internet Marketing Requires Follow-Up Marketing

Small Farm Central – Create a website to promote your farm and sell your products

10 rules for your small business home page

Top 10 Small Business Web Site Marketing Tips

Social Media Dictionary

Your Guide to Social Media Survival - step-by-step instructions for Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs - Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media

Jan. 26th, 2010 Extension's Agriculture and Social Media Web Conference Summary

How to create a Facebook page

How to: Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook

How To: Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter
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Landowner Resource Package

Various resources to assist with developing and planning a tourism business

Woodland Steward Series - Resources for landowners and trainers
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Hunting Leases: Clemson University Fact sheet

Lease Hunting: Opportunities for Missouri Landowners

Real Property: Leasing Land For Hunting and Other Recreational Uses
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Liability Issues

Limit liability for agritourism farms NC statute

North Carolina Agritourism Limited Liability Law

Explanation of the effect of 2005 Limit Liability Law on agritourism farmers in NC

Alternative Enterprises For Farm and Forest: Risk Recreation

Agritourism - Keeping passengers safe on hay rides

Liability and Insurance Protection in Rural Recreation Enterprises

Small Business Health Insurance

Insurance For the Home-Based Entrepreneur

Insurance and liability issues for agritourism operators

The state of agritourism liability insurance in Montana and the West

Liability for Visitors to Farm Property [factsheet]
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Low Cost Home Business or Resort Furnishings

Resort Interiors

Marketing Management in the Lodging Industry
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Business Management and Marketing: Bed and Breakfasts

Transferring Management in the Family-Owned Business

14 Survival Tips For Managing During Economic Downturns

Management Issues For the Growing Business

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Various marketing-related resources – An online resource for farmers, researchers, and policy makers

Community and Tourism Development

Tourism Marketing

Business Management and Marketing: Bed and Breakfasts

Marketing Community Parks and Recreation Resources: Developing Exhibits

Visual Merchandising: A Guide for Small Retailers

Communication and Marketing Practices of Minnesota Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus

Community Travel and Tourism Marketing

Developing and Effective Tourism Marketing Program

Marketing Crafts and Other Products to Tourists

Marketing Management in the Lodging Industry

Marketing the Uniqueness of Small Towns

Tourism Marketing

Creating a Promotional Theme

Developing an Interpretive Guide For Your Community

Developing a Promotional Strategy

Information and Traveler Decision Making

Roadside Signs

Selecting Promotional Media

Signs That Sell

Customer Aftercare: How to Spend Less and Sell More

How to Use Marketing and Sales to Explode Your Home Business

Marketing Strategies for the Growing Business

15 Foolproof Ideas For Promoting Your Company

Relationship Selling: The Path to Sales Success
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Community and Tourism Development

Assessing and Developing Tourism Resources

Attracting the Migratory Retiree

Litter Control in a Tourist Area: Methods and Costs

Recycling for the Hospitality Industry

Managing Tourism Information Systems

Stories Across America: Opportunities for Rural Tourism
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Regulatory Issues

Small Business Handbook: Laws, Regulations, and Technical Assistance Series

Bed and Breakfast Zoning: A Guide to Regulations
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Pricing and Development

Assessing and Developing Tourism Resources

Tourism Planning

Tourism Development: Your Place in Serving the Visitor

Community Development Strategies for Tourism: An Assessment Tool

Inventorying Existing and Potential Tourism Attractions

Site Development Process

Tourism and Its Significance in Local Development

Strategic Planning For the Growing Business

Introduction to Strategic Planning

Pricing Tourism Products and Services

Pricing Your Products
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Creating a Promotional Theme

Developing a Promotional Strategy

Selecting Promotional Media

15 Foolproof Ideas For Promoting Your Company
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Tourism Demographics/Market Segmentation